2 post lift thoughts?? AMGO vs Bendpak vs Derek Weaver?

Jan 10, 2021
Central IL
Good afternoon to all! Just joined, lots of good info on this site I gathered from using google.

I recently completed a pole barn for my home shop, and I am about ready to purchase a lift. I plan to buy a 2 post, extended height, and I was trying to find one with the highest rise height available, as I have squatted under Rotary lifts for long enough at 6'3" tall, not gonna do it on the weekends!

That said, the only options I have found where there is actual additional lift rise height with the higher safety bar are the Bendpak XPR10-XLS/AXLS models, which advertise 75" to the bottom of the arms, or Amgo Hydraulics OHX-10H, which advertises 78.75 top top of the pad, and the pad is 3.5" from the floor, so these two are about identical.

The Amgo OH-10 also looks like an exact copy of the Derek Weaker W10-HD lift, which has very good reviews, just not the additional rise height I am looking for.

Was hoping to find someone on here who had seen these lifts before, or knows someone with experience with them, who could help me decide which direction to go!

Thanks in advance.

I’ve only got experience with Bendpak and they are excellent lifts. All I’ve ever used have been Bendpak besides a really old one that I can’t remember the name of. Never used the others so don’t know too much on them but I’m sure some others do.
Derek Weaver W-Pro10 here... without any adapters, at full height is barely clears me @ 5' 9".

Buddy just installed an Aplus 10K lift and is tickled pink with it.

He looked at the weaver and AMGO as well and ultimately settled on the A Plus after comparing features.
The Rotary Extended Height Lifts have a under arm height that is 2 3/4" greater than the standard model.

I'm 6' 4" & can still bump the top of my head on the arms of my EH Rotary, But.....I can work under a car just fine & have gotten used to ducking slightly around the arms.

Mohawk is certainly the best quality wise, Though I do not like the lack of auto equalization & single point lock deactivation. Rotary is a strong 2nd with BendPak being third.
I have a 10,000# Challenger lift as well.....No way in hades I would put 10,000 pounds on it. 7,000 is about all I feel comfortable with.....I'd rather overload my 10,000# Rotary!!!
AutoMechanic, thanks for the props on Bendpak. They appear to make a fine lift......but I guess in my mind, I struggle to spend that much on a China made lift? Maybe the wrong way to feel about it?

O2SE, Mohawk is nice, but not in my budget, especially as a hobbyist mainly.

BMWpowerE36, that Weaver W10 Pro looks sweet, and to my understanding is almost a carbon copy of the Rotary (and Amgo LOL!)! But the killer for me was like you pointed out, the rise height.

Drew7a, I have checked out A-plus, Ideal, Launch, Autolift, DMS lifts, Danmar, Challenger, Forward, Revolution, you name it. The three I mentioned were the only with additional rise height. I measured all the Rotary lifts at the dealership I work at, and even the 12,000lb extended height lift is only 70".

Clinebarger, I really appreciate you starting that thread on your Challenger! It was that picture of the W10-HD that made me realize it was almost identical to the Amgo! After comparing picture after picture, I realized they were likely the from the same supplier, or share a LOT of DNA!! I have emailed them to find out if they plan to sell a lift similar to the OHX-10H. We'll see how that goes.

As it stands, the Amgo OHX-10H would cost me $3630.00 delivered to my door, has a 5 year structural warranty, 3 years on hydraulics, and 2 years on electrical.

Bendpak is 5 years structure, 2 years hydraulic, 1 year electrical, and would be $4355 delivered.
Well, I finally pulled the trigger on the AMGO OHX-10H, which is the extended height version. As many have experienced, the instructions were lacking, but I was able to get it together without much fuss. Here are some pics!


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Good choice. Sorry didn’t reply when you asked a question sometimes I don’t get all notifications when someone posts in a thread. Is that you in the picture? Lol 😂 the people of BITOG will never know my identity 😆.
Good choice. Sorry didn’t reply when you asked a question sometimes I don’t get all notifications when someone posts in a thread. Is that you in the picture? Lol 😂 the people of BITOG will never know my identity 😆.
Yeah, thats my ugly mug lol! Just trying to show the real deal when someone almost 6'3" tall stands directly under the arm without touching his head on it! Thats something I wanted in a lift at home, and I got it!
Most 2 post lifts take 3/4" Anchors. I witnessed a very unfortunate incident once where a '29 Model A Hot Rod ran away in a shop....It bounced off a couple 2-post lifts & didn't phase the anchors one bit.
So is that extra long cement bolts or ? Just seems if it got bumped good those small bolts wouldn't hold it.
Are you referring to the yellow adapters under the frame? If so, I have them all stacked for the highest setting, since my SxS sits almost 18" off the ground! I would never use them stacked that high on a vehicle. The SxS weighs about 1600lbs.