13 chevy equinox I4 engine oil in filter box

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$80 seems like a lot. Why not just keep the PCV and associated hoses/tubing clean and clear???
The PCV is a fixed orifice in the cylinder head. It is inaccessible unless you remove the intake manifold. Not that the idea is bad, it's just difficult to do on a regular basis.
I think I would add a supplemental path. The OE design is cheap cheap cheap, and not terribly reliable. The part shown with the filter element is one of those kind of solutions. Or you could drill a hole in the valve cover, fit a grommet and put in another PVC, to the intake. However that could mess with the OE computer. In any case, it is a gm mistake. Rod
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this total pos engine has more problems than just the pcv system
What other problems are associated with this engine? My parents have this vehicle. So I can give a heads up.
there is also,the defective timing chain issue. my neighbor who is extremely stupid. bought a new equinox in 2011 and it was plagued by all the 2.4 issues. also he was too lazy and stupid to ever check the oil EVER between changes. dispite knowing it was consuming oil at a rapid rate. it got run low on oil so often its amazing it never seized, I told him about the wide spread internet post about this was happening to almost all the 2.4,s and the dealer was doing oil comsumption tests and replacing pistions and rings for free. well he was too stupid to take my advice and one day his wife came to my door saying the car was making noise and the oil light was on. I checked oil-4 quarts low.. he traded the car in and took a bath.