10 Year coolant??

My understanding is all Prestone has 2-EHA. Its a cheap anti corrosive additive that supposedly actually works pretty good - but it also softens plastic and silicon.
ahh i think your onto something there:

fords ecoboost engine in the european market had issues with plastic coolant pipes cracking and leaking out then owners suffering engine damage from overheating.
The Haynes manual for 1989 to 1995 Fiesta's says the Ford spec fluid ESD-M97B-49-A is lifetime. See below. The 2 to 3 year change interval was for coolants of a different specification.

Since then, ESD-M97B-49-A was superseded by WSS-M97B44-D.

WSS-M97B44-D is Ford Orange in the US.

In Europe, Ford say WSS-M97B44-D is a 10 year coolant for all European manufactured vehicles:

Note that in the US, the Ford Orange / WSS-M97B44-D coolant has been replaced by Ford Yellow which is apparently the Prestone 10 year coolant!

Antifreeze - notes on renew

24 Ford state that, where antifreeze to Ford specification ESD-M97B-49-A is used, it will last the lifetime of the vehicle. This is subject to it being used in the recommended concentration, unmixed with any other type of antifreeze or additive, and topped-up when necessary using only that antifreeze mixed 50/50 with clean water. If any other type of antifreeze is added, the lifetime guarantee no longer applies; to restore the lifetime protection, the system must be drained and thoroughly reverse-flushed before fresh coolant mixture is poured i

25 If the vehicle’s history (and therefore the quality of the antifreeze in it) is unknown, owners who wish to follow Ford’s recommendations are advised to drain and thoroughly reverse-flush the system before refilling with fresh coolant mixture. If the appropriate quality of antifreeze is used, the coolant can then be left for the life of the vehicle

26 If any antifreeze other than Ford’s is to be used, the coolant must be renewed at regular intervals to provide an equivalent degree of protection; the conventional recommendation is to renew the coolant every two or three year

27 The above assumes the use of a mixture (in exactly the specified concentration) of clean, soft water and of antifreeze to Ford’s specification or equivalent. It is also assumed that the cooling system is maintained in a scrupulously-clean condition, by ensuring that only clean coolant is added on topping-up, and by thorough reverse

From: https://en.zofti.com/manual?idm=319
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Prestone does not supply Ford’s coolant. Phillips 66 is the lubricants supplier. Don’t buy into the lifetime coolant as it’s not. When I was a tech at ford the Superduty would set the Check coolant additive every 30,000 miles. When we put the strip in it, coolant was outside of range. Always replaced coolant in the primary and secondary. Ford’s yellow coolant is phosphate enhanced organic acid technology and contains organic acid corrosion inhibitors, stabilized silicate and a nitrite/nitrate combination.

The ford orange is an organic acid technology containing no silicate, borate, phosphate, nitrite, and amines.
I believe the Prestone coolant of today is a very good product despite the use of 2-EHA.
Modern vehicles have upgraded their gasket materials so that 2-EHA is no longer an issue. Both of my Fords came with Ford Orange from the factory which is basically Dexcool and contains 2-EHA.

The issue that I see is that your 1995 Fiesta probably has gaskets that weren't made to withstand the gasket softening that 2-EHA was notoriously famous for back then. For that reason I probably wouldn't use it in a 1995 vehicle but would have no issue using it in my 2014 and 2016 Fords.
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