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Apr 11, 2004
los angeles
Im having some panels put in. 1.5k for 6200, turn key , with all permits .With microinverters.Anyways, my question is, I'll be having 6 - 235 watt panels.I have some 70 watt ones in my garage just sitting there. They told me that if I add the 70 watt ones with the 235's, that it'll have reduced output. Is this true? I have around 7- 70 watt panels just sitting.
Get more microinverters. Or one large high voltage inverter and daisy chain them together. Don't try hooking the two systems together. Make sure you have enough wiring to handle the power output of both systems at maximum.
I bet the 235 watt panels have 48 volt max output, and the inverter max input is 96 volts. Hence a two by three arrangement, two in series to jack up the volts, then three sets in parallel... The 70 watt may have 24 volt max output... You need either four or eight 24 volt panels to balance, and the inverter has to handle the extra watts... Easiest way is a 750-1000 watt 120 volt wall plug in inverter. Probably has a max of 48 volt input, more likely 24... Wire the 70 watt panels for 24 volt, in parallel (all positive together, all negative together), or even them out (use six or get another for eight), 2 wired in series, 48 volts, 3-4 sets...
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