'06 chevy silverado spark plug ?

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Oct 9, 2007
I'm about to change the plugs on my silverado and the plug wires have that DAM heat shield on them. For the life of me I cannot pull those suckers off even with an autozone spark plug boot removal tool.I'm sending out an S.O.S man down.Thanks all in advance.BTW to the fellas who will chime in and say why am I changing them. I have always changed my plugs out at about 50-60k on all my GM vehicles because my plugs have always had extended gaps in them, also I'm going with the Denso TT platinum not the $10 AC Delco OE
I changed the plugs in my '04 Sierra about two years ago. Don't recall it was all that difficult. I just went out and pulled one of the plug wires off with my hands to see what's what.

The heat shield stays on the boot, all I did was twist it side-to-side a couple times and pulled. There is a little spring that goes around the plug itself, you will see it when you pull off the plug wires.

Grab the rubber part of the boot right where the shield meets it. Twist it side-to-side as best you can. Pull straight out while twisting. Should come off but may take a few attempts.

And have lots and lots and lots of fun replacing that back plug on the passenger's side. I don't know if its #7 or #8 but really should be #666. All the others aren't too bad. Good luck.
If you haven't tried twisting them, try this first...

If you have then you could try taking a can of penetrating fluid to it, by taking the red straw and pushing it into the boot beside the wire, then hook up the can and spray a bit and let it soak.

This will coat the top of the boot in penetrating fluid and help to loosen it's grip on the plug. Make sure to twist it after it has been soaking.

Put some Dielectric grease on the boots of the next set of wires to help prevent this in future.

Good Luck
Thanks all for the replies, I'm going to give the twist and pull a shot with a little lubrication.
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