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    Drill Press Belt

    Yes, it has the three pulley think (one pulley with 3 sizes on it). And the distance between the motor and drill chuck is adjustable.
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    Heat gun recommendation

    I would just get whatever Harbor Freight offered or some other cheap model that had the accessories that I wanted. IMO heat guns are a disposable item, but keep the accessories for the next gun.
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    Drill Press Belt

    Old belt is a Gates 1340 - which seems to be 3L340 belt. It's obviously non critical to change and also easy enough to change. Any reason not to get the cheap generic belt off eBay for $4.26, or should I get a Dayco 3L340 off rock Auto for $7.01??? Is the Dayco belt made in USA or anything...
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    FRAM or not?

    I'm thinking of switching from Fram TG to orange can since my oil life monitor goes off soon enough that I'm really not putting that many miles on the filter. Specifically around 5000 - 5800 miles in suburban driving. That was equating to around an annual oil change for what used to be my...
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    Shock and Strut Recommendation

    I don't know about KYB, but I like the Monroes simply because they provide an allen key at the top of the strut to make it easy to tighten if you ever need to. Gabriels I have seen don't.
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    Napa semi synthetic on sale...

    OK, the sale flyer says conventional, but the direct link is semi synthetic.
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    Carmax new 30 day return policy. What the catch?

    It's pretty much the same for used vehicles in Maryland. Seems like a LOT, if not more than half are from the rust belt.
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    Napa semi synthetic on sale...

    Looks like regular conventional to me.
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    I love aftermarket parts!

    I remember Dorman being crap even in the 80's.
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    How often do you flush your coolant (if you flush it)?

    I have always had leaks sufficent enough to be on a continous coolant change anyway, so I never bother to flush.
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    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    I'd prefer the 100K mile timing chain.
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    Florida got that reputation when it was relatively cheap to live there. Supposedly it's not so cheap any more. Tennessee is still relatively cheap and, like Florida, has no income tax. In Florida, car and homeowners insurance is supposedly expensive as well.
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    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    I simply prefer not to tempt fate! That and I do keep vehicles long enough for stuff to brake.
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    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    Yes. I would never buy a vehicle that has a timing belt on an interfernece engine.
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    Shop "trouble"...any advice?

    Have you watched any Auto Auction Rebuilds Youtube channel videos on his MG? You might be able to give him some advice.