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    What kind of snakes are these?

    Only one kind of snake…..the dreaded copper headed water rattler.
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    Any good trailer tires still available?

    My Grand Design Travel Trailer came with Westlake tires. About 4000 miles of towing and no issues, but I watch the tire pressure closely and drive a maximum of 65-68 mph while towing. Out here in West Texas with the hot summer temps, I see many blowouts on trailers thinking they can tow at 75-85...
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    BMW oil specs

    In my 650 I am running Castrol Euro 5w40. This engine is naturally aspirated and runs on the HOT side. Oil temps during summer usually range from 220 - 240. In my 760 I am running Valvoline Euro 0w30. This oil went in yesterday and nothing out of the ordinary yet.
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    Any vintage Havoline fans here?

    Growing up in East Texas, Havoline was a very popular oil for cars, trucks and some farm machinery.
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    The cold weather has gelled my diesel fuel.

    I have seen that video a couple of times the few days.
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    The cold weather has gelled my diesel fuel.

    *****UPDATE***** Hooked up an extension cord to the block heater for about 48 hours. After changing the filter cranked on it for a bit. Fired up and sputtered for a few moments then settled into a normal idle. Filter didn’t look as bad as I expected. Drove around neighborhood for a while. Check...
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    The cold weather has gelled my diesel fuel.

    I had filled the tank the day before the cold front hit. The truck doesn’t fit in my garage, hence being outside. Never thought it would get cold enough to affect the fuel.... rookie mistake on my part....never have I seen these temps in West Texas. This weekend calls for temps in 60’s so I...
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    The cold weather has gelled my diesel fuel.

    All diesel available here in Texas is #2. Unprecedented cold has me wishing we could get #1.
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    The cold weather has gelled my diesel fuel.

    I think I have gelled diesel fuel in my truck. It started and went a couple of miles before the engine stopped. Put a white bottle of Power Service diesel additive in the tank and a red bottle of 911 Rescue. No change. Occasionally will start and idle for a few seconds then stop again. Do I need...
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    Milkshake Oil - Ram Ecodiesel

    Had a 2003 Dodge PU with 4.7 gas engine. Because of the placement of the oil filler neck, the oil would cool and turn to a white froth.... looked like dirty cool whip. Supposedly no problem for the engine though. Some folks fashioned heat blankets around the filler neck to try and correct the...
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    Strange Foreign Objects Found in Tires

    #1.... a pair of tweezers #2 the hanger end of a wire coat hanger..... beat up the paint around the wheel well before I could get stopped.
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    2018 Chevy Duramax Fuel Injector Failure

    ..... According to the ticket, the injector and entire connector. Hope I don’t have to deal with this again.
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    2018 Chevy Duramax Fuel Injector Failure

    I was going about 30mph along a twisty mountain road. My first thought was the engine threw a rod. A loud pop with lots of shaking & a slot machine for the dash. I pulled over & got under looking for draining fluids. None were found. After a few minutes I restarted and it idled fine until...
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    2018 Chevy Duramax Fuel Injector Failure

    It was replaced under warranty, along with a couple of recalls being performed. $0 to me. Out $675 for a week of rental car, but things could have been much worse money wise.