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    German Car Techs Using Augmented Reality in the Service Bay

    Funny- you never looked to see how many radiators in your car? But know how many and what type the belly pan fasteners are? LOL
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    Scope for auto diagnosis

    Thanks. Like to watch it- what is the date?
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    German Car Techs Using Augmented Reality in the Service Bay

    Must have. Does your correct German car have 3 radiators, and an extra one to cool the oil, too?
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    German Car Techs Using Augmented Reality in the Service Bay

    Perfectly said. Needless complexity. On my German car, they use 5 different fasteners to hold up a belly pan. Why??
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    Disk Failing?

    Just wondering, but what does the neighbor have to do with this tale? LOL
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    Disk Failing?

    Still quiet after almost 3 weeks. Works well. This machine is one of several and I just use it for browsing and email. Not worth a new SSD. When it goes, it goes...
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    Glazed Pads

    Worked for me. Hard braking about 10 times and cool off at end. Have to do this regularly with my Akebono performance pads.
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    Home charging 110 vs 240 - Efficiency?

    PECO in Pennsylvania is very expensive, too. Customers are paying off loses sustained by PECO's failed nuclear power plant, not the shareholders/owners. Nice to have your loses paid for by somebody else.
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    Home charging 110 vs 240 - Efficiency?

    Funny you mention being at end of long street. We were at beginning of long street and were blowing out bulbs and a tv or two. I measured 130-135vac. Power company was turning up voltage at beginning of circuit/street so ppl at end would have enough. Very arrogant power company told me "things...
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    KYB or OEM Toyota shocks?

    They are about 10% stiffer to compensate for suspension wear, according to their tech line. Made on same assembly line, too. Regarding Monroe, I've used them too and no problems, but they are softer than the Toyota OE. In my experience appear to rust quickly, if that is important to you.
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    Electric sensors for older Hondas / Acuras

    Looks like a useful site- if you can read russian
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    High speed driving

    Not interested? Out of state plates will make them very "interested"
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    High speed driving

    Like wise my Porsche to your BMW! LOL
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    How to Get the Most Fuel Economy

    That is a dead link and google search found nothing. Do you have an accessible source ?