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    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    You guys sound like my grandmother's bridge club in a henhouse with weasels. What's the infatuation with 0W engine oils, ya' all heading to the north pole?
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    Next New Oil You Will Try ?

    Delo 400 XSP 40C 72.4 100C 12.1 150C 3.5 Same add pack as their 5w40 which I have 27L of. 40C 96 100C 15.4 150C 4.2
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    Choice for V-Sport 3.6 Twin Turbo...oil change

    For something different and slightly thicker, have a look at Chevron Delo 400 5w30 XSP. You have the 3.6L LFX engine. The newer LGX hasn't been offered with a turbo, I read on the internet.
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    2021 Durmax L5P oil consumption cause and solution

    I use 15w40 and save the 5w40s for winter. Some people like 5w40 year round. 2006 LBZ, 2011 LML, 2018 L5P
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    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    Rotella T5 10w30 and the new Delo 400 10w30 both have around 1200 Zn
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    Who has used a high viscosity transmission fluid in a LV application?

    I've been using the Pet-Can MV Duradrive in everything since the product came out. I'll switch to their 668 next time. I have an unopened pail of the Chevron HD example to use up first. My usage is about a 5 gallon pail a year, so I'm not a big customer.. edit; IMO low vis ATFs, gear oil and...
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    Never owned any BITCOIN or the like- but BTC in the high 18k this morning

    Warren Buffett bought BNSF because for one thing "they can't pull it up and move it offshore".
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    Need new all seasons for minivan, is there a noticeable difference between H and V rated Crossclimate 2?

    Typically the slower speed rated tires have a deeper tread and may weigh more. I'm not driving 130mph in the winter, so I don't worry about the speed rating as much as performance on ice and snow.
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    Who has used a high viscosity transmission fluid in a LV application?

    To answer the thread starter's question; Yes, and I'm not using any of the "vintage"ATFs. I look for the "HDs" that are suitable or approved for Allison's 995 or 668.
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    15w40, diesel oil additive shortage?

    For sale; 2,500 rolls of toilet paper and a drum of hand sanitizer.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2022 3.6L Acadia SLE 1,700 kms; out FF & Delco, In; 10w30 Duron & Fram Ultra. 726CC X320 JD out 10w40 Castrol motorcycle & #3600 fram ultra. In; 15w40 Duron SHP & Delco 1232.
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    Needing tires for my 2005 Tahoe

    Going to either 245/75/17 or 235/80/17 should help your mpg. I'm thinking Nitto EXO or Toyo CTs for severe winter and long tire life.
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    Oil suggestions for 2021 1.5T GM Ecotech

    Exactly why I went with the 3.6L 2022 Acadia. It's a 5w30 engine to begin with, so I can do pretty much anything I want. 20L pails of Petro-Can Dexos 5w30 are $99 minus canadian tire money, which equates to about $75 USD. M-1 0w40 Dexos is not sold in stores. I see 5w40 as an option. The 2L...
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    Oil suggestions for 2021 1.5T GM Ecotech

    I'd say experiment while the car is on warranty. Turbo'd engines don't like exhaust back pressure. To fix the gasoline smelling oil on a 2014 2L Escape I cut everything off behind the downstream O2 sensor, 2 1/2 inch woven flex, 2 3/4 exhaust pipe, 2 1/2 in and out bottle muffler then exited the...