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    Canadian border restrictions come off at month end ( Sept 30)

    Aside from a couple of visits to medical facilities, I haven't worn a mask in a few months. Private property can have their own restrictions, of course; but I haven't seen anything around here.
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    Lost cell phone

    I run a farmers market on the weekends in my city and have found plenty of lost stuff: wallets, cards, phones, keys, etc. It's always a huge relief when we the owner can be tracked down somehow; and I expect two things to happen when the owner and their possession(s) are reunited: 1) They offer...
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    Anyone use Proton email service from the USA?

    Do you/ your workplace have an IP range that was able to get whitelisted by the major email players? I know sometimes they'll blacklist an entire range - which might encompass the one IP you're using legitimately - because some knuckleheads are spamming from another address(es) within that...
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    Who made it into the Navy SEALs?

    A little closer to the horse's mouth; underscoring what this dude's saying:
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    Deleting a locked folder from Linux.

    Another option is sudo rm [drag the file right into the Terminal window and its path will be displayed] ... or it's a folder: sudo rm -rf [drag the folder right into the Terminal window and its path will be displayed] In both cases the sudo command will prompt you for your password.
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    Microsoft Edge searching for other browsers funny

    That's funny. Google will so something similar but less desperate when I use Edge to visit a Google site or service, too. I am not sure there's much difference between Edge and Chrome; with Edge perhaps having a few extra features and conveniences. If your browing data and spying preference is...
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    Linux Gurus Please Advise

    I know the Citrix application did not come from an Ubuntu or Mint repo, but maybe: sudo apt install -f ... would attempt reinstalls and/ or spit out some useful errors. I'd also try: sudo dpkg --configure -a for the same purpose.
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    Odd thing when I Google Walmart

    Understood; and it's not Arch or you would have told us already :) :) :) RHEL clone?
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    Odd thing when I Google Walmart

    I would not be surprised at all if this very site ran on it.
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    What exactly is a "Living wage"?

    I sat on a Board a few years ago that advised a bi-annual commission on living wage. Living wage differs - sometimes dramatically - from area to area within a catchment area (like a province or state who'd set minimum wage) and accounts for food security, transportation, housing, education, etc...
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    Spending a few hours in NYC

    The dock appears to be at 711 12th Ave, facing New Jersey.
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    Spending a few hours in NYC

    I'd be more worried about NYC, who might not be ready for my wife's driving; but nonetheless they're driving to the cruise ship dock parking lot, parking and then making their way into the city.
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    Spending a few hours in NYC

    Our city smells already. And we're right across the river from Detroit. I am confident it'll be a step up. :^)
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    Spending a few hours in NYC

    Ha! "Still have" is a long way from "ever wear any more". They were stylish in '99. And now come to think of it my daughters ARE getting to the age where embarrassing them is amusing. I think it might be time for these bad boys to see the light of day again.
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    Spending a few hours in NYC

    I still have my "Oakey" sunglasses from a trip there in '99.