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    How fix this exhaust pipe leak without welding?

    With a beater vehicle, I've cleaned off corrosion with a wire brush. Then applied a thin coating of furnace cement, followed it's curing directions with good results.
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    Multi vehicle ATF

    Maxlife ATF works impressively well in my 2012 Honda Fit. There may be exceptions for other Honda automatics though I haven't heard of any complaints except from one BITOG member.
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    How come ethanol free fuel has great availability in Iowa, but not in states like Pennsylvania?

    I've found several E-0 gas pumps in Pennsylvania as well. E-0 90 octane is about 70 cents higher than 87 E-10 self serve. E-0 is much better for seasonal use engines/ carburetors but still goes bad. I was recently cursing up a storm as I repeatedly pulled the starter cord on my push mower that...
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    New Castrol oil for the classics! "Castrol GTX Classic" 20W-50

    Castrol warns against using this particular oil in any wet clutch application such as your Yamaha. I found that out on this BITOG thread. On another note, I am wondering if Mobil 1 15w-50 would be better suited for classic car engines over this Castrol GTX Classic 20w-50. Is Mobil 1 15w-50 still...
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    Progressive's "Deductible Savings Bank" Makes the Premium Go Up

    The dashcam doesn't change my policy rate. I got skrood last February when a red light runner injured me and totaled my car. No witnesses to be found. The reckless driver is currently suing Geico who was of no help whatsoever. Geico is warning me that I will be responsible for half of the injury...
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    Progressive's "Deductible Savings Bank" Makes the Premium Go Up

    Insurance companies are set up to line their own pockets as much as possible. A lot of the big insurance companies were sued for fraudulent billing last year. I make sure to give them the bare minimum while I drive carefully with my dashcam recording.
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    Does synthetic protect better than dino

    I've had no gas engine internal problems since switching them to HDEO almost twenty years ago. HDEO has held up far better than any gas engine oil in my motorcycles, atvs, boats and beater car that tows frequently.
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    HEET Gas line anti freeze and water remover 12 oz. $1.27 at Amazon, limit 6

    I believe methanol is corrosive to aluminum in the fuel system and engine.. much more corrosive than ethanol.
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    New pressure washer

    Honda GX 200 is the one for heavy use. About 4 times the lifespan of a Honda GC 190 for a reasonable amount more money.
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    New pressure washer

    I love Honda GC engines for light duty use. They're much quieter, easier to start and highly efficient on gas. However, they tend to wear out a lot quicker when used under heavy loads for long durations due to their lighter aluminum cylinder bores. Either of the other two Chonda engines with...
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    STRAIGHT to red-line revs on startup!

    My Scion has been through that before. Went on strong for years afterwards with no odd noises, oil consumption or noticeable reduction in performance. At a little above freezing, I pulled out of a parking space near work and noticed a car barreling up on me from behind at well above the 25 mph...
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    Push mower high octane

    Using higher octane gas in a low compression engine while expecting any improvement of the engine's performance is like adding diesel to a gas engine in an attempt to improve its low end torque. Ethanol free gas is the best for small engines, especially if used only seasonally/ stored for months...
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    Specific questions about car oil in B&S

    Any Euro oil including 0w-40 would be better in OPE than an ILSAC 10w-30. More anti-wear additives, slightly more viscosity and HTHS is especially beneficial for extended use in hot weather.
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    2008 Port Injected EcoTec 2.4L will VPBR help oil consumption

    +1 for doing a piston soak with Berrymans. The longer (time duration) the soak, the more effective it will be.
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    2015 Toyota Yaris 5w30 recommended

    I agree with every point R1jake made. Low gearing/ high rpms leads to hotter oil. Does your car hold 4,000 rpms on highways? 119,000 miles on a Honda engine is also no where near racking up miles.