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    New Scan Tool

    Thats what I have been doing since the DS708 days. My 908s is due for replacement this year, probably going to do either an IM508 or IM608 to complement some of the other tools that I have and add some EEProm capability.
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    Bolt extractor and max torque?

    Nope, thats more of a feel thing that you develop after you have broken a few extractors
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    52k mile, 8 year old Volvo OE (Mahle?) fuel filter cut open.

    the 13w08 on the filter is a Volvo standard date code, 8th week of 2013, so that is a replacement filter. Original filter would have been a 9142658
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    Pontiac Trans Sport "dustbuster" question

    Almost everything on those is miserable. I am glad that rust took care of those things around here. I dont miss fixing them
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    Semi-Deep (Mid-Length) Sockets

    I dont know how I lived without semi-deep sockets. I rarely use shallow anymore preferring a semi-deep. Mine are all Snapon though, cant commend on gearwrench. I have 1/4, 3/8, and half inch drives
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    Snap-on Prices

    exactly, I took the temper out of a 14mm socket changing exhaust manifold studs. The socket got hot enough that the chrome turned blue/black. When it broke I handed it to the snapon dealer expecting to pay for a replacement. He handed me another one and said dont worry about it.
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    Snap-on Prices

    those williams sockets arent the same as a snapon socket and they arent the same as the 30-40 year old williams sockets my Dad still uses.
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    Priced right off the Snap-On truck

    That air hammer but may be 67 bucks but its lifetime warranty. I dont even bother sharpening my air chisel bits, I hand them back on warranty. Buy it once and never buy it again.
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    Snap-on Prices

    sure could but thats not practical. Some of the most common sizes I have duplicates of so I dont have to stop what I am doing. Time is money. There are also times when a sharp, new Snapon socket is the difference between getting a bolt out and rounding off the head
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    Snap-on Prices

    With Snapon I am paying for the service. I can get a broken tool replaced in 30 minutes any day of the week and have anything my dealer has on his truck in 30 minutes
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    Use Mopar SRT Oil Filter for 5.7L HEMI?

    MO-899 doesnt fit the later trucks, wont clear the rack
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    Best budget sockets?

    Man, I'm glad Im not starting out today. I bought that set on a deal years ago to replace a craftsman set, was on a deal at the time for 99 bucks and came with a ratchet, 6 inch extension and universal. Bought it because I wanted the ratchet and the ratchet was just shy of that. I look at how...
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    Swaybar bushings

    Bar should be tight in the bushing. If its the 99 Camry I have replaced dozens of sets of those bushings over the years for rattles in the rear
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    Brass Hammer

    All of my brass hammers are Berylco. Looks like they are still in business. Mine are hand me downs from my grandfather
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    "Full" branded Transmission filter for my 5EAT Subaru transmission?

    I have sold plenty of those transmission filters in my shop with no issues