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    Opinions please! Home investment choices

    A/C will get you the best bang for your buck and would be considered a must have by most people. Your siding looks like it just needs a good power wash and paint. Is the pool retaining wall structurally deficient or is it the stone veneer? If its just a veneer, you could get it stucco coated...
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    Opinions please! Home investment choices

    AS a real estate broker, I would vote A/C system over driveway.
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    Towing 10k - turbo, supercharger, or big block? MPG & other issues...

    The reason many guys use a 5.3 and turbo is because you can turn up the boost on the smaller engine. For your use, I'd say a 6.2 with a turbo could last forever with no issues. If you don't want to go that route, a Magnuson SC will get better fuel mileage than say a Whipple but thewy will...
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    What power steering pump for a GM truck?

    You want to be careful with the reman units that the pressure valve is in fact for a truck, not a car. I ran into this when replacing a pump in my 2005 H2. I also went with a Red-Head steering box. Please research it but I believe you can buy the pressure valve for, say and Escalade or Tahoe...
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    Dishwasher Recommendations

    I'll 2nd Bosch 800 series. Bosch are designed to last 20 yrs. Well worth the investment instead of replacing a lesser brand every 4 or 5 yrs.
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    Another article showing concern in the housing market- yet the author may have lacked critical thinking

    Buyers backed out because they could not qualify as rates increased. There is still a fear of missing out that is driving home prices. Areas that have housing shortages will not see a decrease in values, however, they will see a decrease in the number of transactions. Election cycle years are...
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    One time use bolts .

    Torque to yield bolts should be replaced everytime. They are typically head bolts. TH
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    Heat Pump Water Heater

    We installed a Rheem 55 gallon a little over a year ago. We have 3 teenaged boys who all love to shower until there is no more hot water. After I learned the programing, happy to say that the first year usage w $87.00 and other than in the beginning, we've never ran out of hot water. I live...
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    Heat Pump Water Heater

    You should have a trap or air gap on the condensate line. Tim