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    Stuck oil filter...

    The Talon is a great tool, though not an easy button. I managed to cross thread a filter on my daughters New Beetle and needed a Talon to get what remained off after I ripped the van off with the screw driver poked through. I had never been so mad working on a car before. Longer bolts...
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    Road trip from Houston to Bakersfield, CA

    When I lived in Hanford, CA, I drove home to IL for Christmas 4 years straight. Only once did I experience bad weather and that was in Flagstaff. It’s generally a good drive.
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    los angeles car show 2022

    This is happening in Agriculture at the major farm shows as well. Some major equipment manufacturers are starting to skip the farm shows. Most of the time it’s freeloaders looking for free stuff and are not likely to actually spend money.
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    Thread for cool and unique cars you came across that are for sale

    98 to 2001 used the same 2.5 in the Wrangler and the Dakota, at least according to folks on a Jeep forum. I need to replace the one in my Wrangler and am looking for all options.
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    Thread for cool and unique cars you came across that are for sale

    Jeep and Dodge shared the 2.5 for a few years. They were longitudinal as well.
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    What are your Thanksgiving day plans?

    We had planned on family coming out. Now 3 of the 4 kids are sick…. It’ll be a popcorn and pretzel dinner for Thanksgiving this year. Maybe some jelly beans too.
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    What are you working on today?

    Since the YJ is tucked away for the winter, I’m starting in on inspections and some repairs long over due. I’ve had new rubber brake lines in the shelf for a year. I was able to do the rear one, along with the rear brake cylinder and a new steel brake line on the drivers side. I did the...
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    Are 4 cylinder versions of cars with other engine types usually in smaller supply at junkyards?

    I tried to talk my son into buying one with a 2.7 that was a Southern truck. He turned his nose up at it. I strongly considered buying it myself. He bought one with a 4.0 and a bad frame. It’s since become a parts truck for his good Southern found 4.0 truck and his winter beater. The turtle...
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    Are 4 cylinder versions of cars with other engine types usually in smaller supply at junkyards?

    If you want on old Jeep that is untouched, they tend to be 4cyl. They are less beat and we’re less desirable, but weren’t junked because they keep on going like the 6cyl versions. Maybe the 6cyl cars are beat harder by the younger folks who end up with them, but 4 cyl are bought by long term...
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    The Kia Coupe (Koup) SX detailing thread (progress/updates)

    In high school I drove an 86 Charger and lamented to my dad how awful it was to have a dumb car like that. He said make it the cleanest, shiniest car around an no one will think twice about it. Pride in ownership goes a long way. I found a set of aluminum mag wheels and kept that car shiny...
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    Why not more hybrids?

    In the search for a new car earlier this year, I looked at all options. I have a family of 6 and our main car is a minivan. I needed a commuter as my daughter took over my 09 Camry. EV is perfect for my commute, and nothing more. The availability for immediate purchase was 0, and I could not...
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    Changing ATF 2014 Nissan Ultima

    I have a 2019 Rogue, and now that we are regularly below 32degrees F, my CVT runs at higher RPMs and “shifts” at higher RPMs until warmed up. Is it possible that is the issue? I would recommend a Drain and Fill. Good luck!
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    Nissan Profitable Again

    My sons Hyundai is nice, but my old Rouge with 150k miles has held up much better
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    New to me 2014 Honda Pilot!

    Very nice car that can’t be a MN vehicle originally! I’m not a fan of the Defenders in the snow. They are really good in other environments. I have a set on my 95 Wrangler that came on it, and since I’m very cheap, haven’t been changed. I’ve gone some amazing places on those tires, but they...
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    Changed my oil and found a bunch of torn boots!

    My 09 Camry has a slightly torn boot and leaks grease minimally. We’ve been driving it a year and a half that way. I’ll put a new axle in one of these days, but it isn’t an issue now. It would be nice to be able to pump some gears in through the hairline crack that is weeping.