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    Silicone Caulk For Shower

    Lexel caulk is better than those GE silicone ones for the shower. I found out about it from this site, tried it, and it's just better.
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    Can anyone explain MotorWeek to me?

    MotorWeek Season 31 is free on Amazon Prime, for those with Prime.
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    WWYD - 7y old AGM battery still shows 85% of rated CCA

    IME AGMs don't fail as suddenly as SLA. I'd still use it. <dogememe> he's probably including BMW labor; I don't know.
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    Lithium-ion battery excitement!

    Looks like microwaved popcorn.
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    Who's your favorite YT gearhead personality???

    Previous posters covered most of ones I've watched. I'll mention a few that haven't been posted yet. GearBoxVideo New Level Auto (he's dormant now but has good content) Virtual Railfan Dr John Campbell What Is Going On With Shipping?
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    Weird ground shipping route from Michigan to Northern California

    Ah, and BNSF had started parking consists in safe places in anticipation of a strike, which was averted.
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    Getting a shop to fix my car

    Ask if it's a lack of free time to work on it. If it is, ask him to hand it over with explanation to a MB dealer shop to finish the repair. Offer to sell it to him as-is, and buy another hobby car. In the long run that may be cheaper and more fun.
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    In The Market For Hearing Aids

    This thing is going to kick in soon: Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017. "The effective date for the final rule is 60 days following publication in...
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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    I own a pair of "3A Signature", and like them very much. I bought them used back in the early EBay days. I paid $695 in 2001. I haven't used them in several years though. My hearing is not what it used to be, and I don't have the leisure time I used to have. I've fallen out of listening to...
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    Veey bright headlights

    The halogen headlights on the 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks are called "quad dual beam". There are 4 low beam lamps and 4 high beam lamps. I can't recall ever seeing that arrangement on a vehicle. I'm sure this is a better-performing headlamp system than the outgoing setups with single H13 or...
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    Gearing in 1980s 4-cylinder cars

    With the torque peak at 4800 rpm the red line isn't very far above that. The iron duke's redline is 5000.
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    External HDDs not detected by Desktop Computer

    software driver not loaded into the OS prior to plugging in the HDD.
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    Project Farm Tests - 3/8 " Socket Wrenches

    The HF composite 3/8 gets a lot of use. It's comfortable and convenient. Next in line is an old Snap-On, because it's a bit shorter so it removes an oil filter under an intake manifold that everything else bumps into. Oh well, hard to explain why I'd prefer using one sometimes and another...
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    Still a lot of flowing USD everywhere

    To understand inflation, several factors must be taken into account: how money enters the economy, starting with the central bank and the lending activities of commercial banks in response to credit demand by the government, businesses, and households. Another factor is the rate of change in the...
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    The real cost of wind and solar: Why rates don't match the claims

    Russia's been doing winter nat gas curtailment to certain nations for years. If they do that to Ukraine this winter it will not be new or unprecedented behavior to Europe.