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    'Favorite oil' before joinig BITOG

    I've been an Amsoil user for several years. Currently using Amsoil 5W20 Signature Series oil in my 2013 RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi.
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    Advice for Daily Driver - Extending OCI

    I bought a new 1988 VW Golf GTI. I was driving 108 miles per day round trip. I switched to Amsoil synthetic oil at about 15,000 miles. As of August 2003 the GTI had 235,000 miles on it and was still getting 33/35 mpg. My oldest sister is still driving the car and it's never had any engine work...
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    15 airlines warned over high-altitude ice

    I will bet that it doesn't take long for a fix.
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    Do You Use A Catch Can?

    The reason for my inquiry is that I have a new 2013 5.7L Hemi RAM approaching 3300 miles. I disconnected the line where a catch can would normally be installed and it was near bone dry. I disconnected the intake tube where it connects to the throttle body and there is no sign of oil residue in...
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    Regular vs. Premium Unleaded Gasoline.

    With later model vehicles, how well a gasoline engine runs, be it on recommended 85 to 93 octane fuels can be mostly affected by how the valve and ignition timing perimeters have been programed into the electronic management system. Keep in mind that engine management systems have plus or minus...
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    Advice for Daily Driver - Extending OCI

    The instructions that come with a BlackStone Kit tells you how to collect the used oil to be analyzed.
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    Do You Use A Catch Can?

    Hello to all, I've been around for a while and have some decent basic automotive knowledge. I've lost track of the performance world of car and pickups when it come to the more modern engine technology and the modifications some folks are doing on their trucks, IE; late model Dodge RAM 5.7L...