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    Storing Winder Snow Set of Wheels what to do with hubcaps?

    The hubcaps that were on my Sonata for winter were plastic, the ones for my sons Forte are also plastic. They are scratched some and have seen multiple winters of use (Sonata saw 12 of them). They get stacked semi gently in an open space in the shed by the winter tires wher they probably won't...
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    Storing snow tires

    What Pete said but for 30+ years and the 10+ before that standing up under parents porch (but away from sun). Current is all in the shed (shade covered) with 8 stacked on side on top of each other, no cardboard or other in between and 8 more standing up side by side under the bench in shed. In...
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    Got Some Falken Sincera SN250 Tires

    Not real favorable reviews on TireRack. I hope you have better luck with them.
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    General Altimax Arctic vs Michelin Cross Climate 2

    If you have spare rims then the snows for me are an investment in safety. You plan to use it on the worst days. I have VC7 on both my kids cars for that reason and we have not seen as much snow lately. I take the initial hit and get spare rims for my cars. I swap out in the driveway after that...
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    Taking off the snows

    I just had that similar situation on my daughters CRV. 3 were good, one was low. The O-ring/gasket where it sits/seals against the rim on the inside of rim was older and cracked. I sprayed with a light soap solution to check beads and valve as I saw no nails etc. Very small bubble from valve...
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    Forester Tires

    I put the Defender LTX M/S on my wife's '19 Pilot. 97% is around town and highway family trips. The other 3% is Beach, gravel / light mud to hunting cabin and towing (light utility trailer). The Defenders work perfectly for that and much quieter than the stock Bridgestones. If I ever wind up...
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    Looking for a quiet tire

    I put the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Plus 2 on my Accord for 3 season. One big main reason was the ratings for noise and the video's on TireRack. I also put the the Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS plus 2 on my daughters CRV's and I can say that on the CRV they are definitely quieter then the Michelin...
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    Are all valve stem caps the same? Where do you buy yours?

    I use whatever plastic ones come with the valve stems same as dad did. I sometimes remove them before I get new tires as they replace the stems anyway. It gives me spares. I had issues with metal ones on other friends/family vehicles as they corroded on. Not sure what metal they were but seized...
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    Giant rims and maintenance considerations

    I'm a bit jealous. Those Mustangs have more ground clearance than my wife's Honda Pilot, almost looks like more than my father-in-laws Jeep Renegade Trailhawk or my old Sequoia.
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    Tire Vibration Issues - which brands?

    Funny because the Pirelli P7 AS2 on my Accord and the Scorpion Verde AS2 on my daughters CRV are very smooth and very quiet. My new Goodyear Winter Command Ultra have an annoying slight vibration. I brought them back for road force and still have it. I'm not paying again. They might get...
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    Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus feedback?

    Father-in-law had them on his Jeep Renegade. They worked well in dry/wet/snow. It never saw off road. He is a mostly around town driver but did have dealer rotate pretty regularly. He only got about 35k out of them iirc and they got pretty loud at the end with odd wear patterns. We replaced them...
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    Closed vs open shoulders?

    So what CapriRacer is trying to say is.... 🤣
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    Normal valve stems in a TPMS wheel?

    My daughter's '08 CRV has sensors and when one went bad it messes with the traction control system. It also makes it so you can't turn it OFF. If for some reason you were stuck and wanted to spin the tires some as we all know helps to clear snow/mud, you can't. I have '08 CRV with sensors (but...
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    Your favorite winter/snow/ice tire?

    And if only buying 2 means probably planning to put them on the drive wheels. With majority of cars being FWD now that would set someone he knows up for unexpected snap oversteer spin out. My kids are on 4x VikingContact 7's on their cars. Wife is on WinterContact Si, I have GY WinterCommand...