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    75w90 or 75w140?

    I will be interested to see what you find when you get it apart. Perhaps the issue is at the axle bearings rather than the pinion. I have a ‘97 C2500 Suburban that towed heavy most of its life, It required new axles and bearings early in its life, and has needed a few axle bearings & seals...
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    TV Antennas

    Agreed on the cost. We had Netflix and FuboTV for the last few years and it was approaching $100 per month for both. I have had a PLEX server running for years, but until recently we mainly used that for movies. I decided to upgrade the hard drive and buy a network tuner to use with our OTA...
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    TV Antennas

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    John Deere Z820A with Parker Hydros. Use J20C or J20D??

    What do the "updates" include? I am wondering if there is a service bulletin for your machine, or an updated recommendation for the hydro fluid.
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    454 Engine remanufactured Jasper engine low oil pressure

    Does your 454 have an external engine oil cooler? If it does, I think there is a different filter bypass valve that is supposed to be used than if the engine did not have an oil cooler. I am not sure if this would cause low oil pressure or not, but it seems like something that could be easily...
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    454 Engine remanufactured Jasper engine low oil pressure

    What does the GM service manual say for minimum oil pressure? Sounds like the bearing clearance is not correct, or they forgot to install an oil galley plug.
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    Inexplicable Coolant Loss

    If the heater core was leaking you would know it immediately due to the smell in the cab. I suspect you have a slow leak at one of the seams in the radiator. It is a common problem and rarely leaks enough to leave a spot on the ground. As suggested above, add UV dye to the system and you will...
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    Cell vs Land line issue

    I had the same problem with a VOIP service (Ooma). After many calls with their tech. support and no solution I gave up on it. Hopefully you have a better outcome.
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    Most Reliable Engine For Late-model F-series Trucks

    Based on the expected use I am not sure why they want a F250 or F350, but it sounds like that part of it has been settled. The Ford 6.2L gas would be my choice for what you have described. Like many large gas engines it will need some exhaust manifold work at some point, but it will give you...
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    Oil for older B&S engines

    I wouldn’t consider that “old”.
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    Oil for older B&S engines

    Those old engines are pretty flexible on what they will run on, but SAE 30 does usually have lower oil consumption compared to 5w-30 or 10w-30. Most hardware stores and power equipment dealers will have some sort of SAE 30 on the shelf, and there are tons of options if you want to shop online.
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    Rebuilding an AMC 4.2 I6

    If the engine is still standard bore and cylinders look good, it sounds like you got a nice low mileage engine. It may only need some basic work like a camshaft upgrade, valve job, etc.
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    Engine temp on chevy small block

    Could be the choke, or vapor lock. I had a Camaro that would literally boil the fuel in the carburetor. I solved it with an insulating carb spacer.
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    Engine temp on chevy small block

    I read that as the vacuum level is up to 20, not the ignition advance.
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    Engine temp on chevy small block

    Removing the thermostat is helpful for flushing the system, but you should replace it afterwards.