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    Did he have stability control turned off?

    Cold tires and stability/traction control turned off.
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    Old RV gas mileage

    5-7 at 70 mph is my guess since that’s the speed you asked about. Maybe 9 at 55-60 mph.
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    Can a Wagner electric sprayer be used to apply a clear spray-on bra?

    I’ve never seen a clear bra sprayed on. They are a sheet of film that is applied. Are you talking about rock guard texture using clear coat like is applied to the rockers on some vehicles?
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    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    A Yukon XL, same as Suburban is what we actually have. She likes riding up a bit higher and we do tow a 6,000 pound travel trailer at times which would not work with the Sienna or any other minivan.
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    Wood Pellet Smoker

    I’ve had a Green Mountain Grill, the size down from the big one, Daniel Boone maybe, for 8 or 9 years now. I love it. I added the thermal blanket for less pellet consumption in the winter. Everything I’ve made has been delicious. So easy to use and it’s been trouble-free through many bags of...
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    No Rental Cars

    I wanted to rent a minivan for 2 weeks in Florida in January but the cheapest we could find was $2000. A Tahoe/Suburban was over $4000. Ended up reserving a “Ford Edge or similar” for $800 and when I got to the counter they didn’t have an Edge-class vehicle so they offered me a RAV4 or a new...
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    Resources for restoring classic truck

    My FIL had a 49 Studebaker pickup restored a few years ago. He could probably sell it for $8-12,000 and I know he had quite a bit more in it than that. It was bought new by his grandfather in 1949 so the sentimental value outweighed the logic. Just another opinion if you are considering a...
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    Tell us about your auto loan...

    Well, I only borrowed $7,500 as they told me I had to borrow 10% of the purchase price to get the $1000 rebate for financing through GM.
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    Tire marks on ne driveway cemment

    My BFG all terrains do it on my driveway where I have to stop and back up if I want to park in a particular garage spot. My wife’s Bridgestones and my C7 Michelin’s don’t do it. The driveway is a few years old at this point and it seems to be lessening but maybe that’s due to the BFGs wearing?
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    Tell us about your auto loan...

    Only car I’ve had a loan on in years was the C7. Borrowed $7,500 to get the $1000 rebate for financing through GM. Paid it off the first month. The finance guy wanted me to keep the loan for at least 3 months so they’d get paid but the dealer screwed around with me too much so I didn’t want to...
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    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    This is what I’d do if I were just looking for oil to keep an old truck running. Maybe drain it into the containers and set a strong magnet underneath for a few days to let any metal settle out. Hold the magnet to the bottom of the jug when you top off.
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    Another interesting Diag & Repair

    I may be wrong but I don’t think 1% of current techs could diagnose and figure this out like you did. Nice work!
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    First time through an automatic car wash

    The one I go to has a section with spinning cloth instead of nylon brushes. The person at the entrance hits it with a pre-spray with a pressure washer/soap solution. Then there’s a few stages of soap and the cloth section, a bottom blaster, a rinse, some sort of wax spray and a spot free rinse...
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    First time through an automatic car wash

    I have an unlimited membership to a nice tunnel wash for my Raptor and my wife’s Yukon XL. With 3 little kids it’s just too much time to wash big vehicles by hand. I pay $500/year for 2 vehicles, unlimited washes with some sort of wax, wheel cleaner, tire dressing and dryer. This package also...