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    Spark plug replacement 2015 Lexus GS 350

    As a fellow dentist all I can say is I change oil, oil filters, cabin filters, air filters, and rotate tires and that’s it. I can do a pulp/SSC on a squirrelly 5 year old old in 8 mins flat but not much else on car. It’s also because I’m mostly not interested and value my time more than paying...
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    Ow20 or 5w30

    I don’t know why this bothers me but it’s the 3rd time you’ve written it - it’s a zero, not an oh.
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    Sale fell through on a hard to sell home primarily because of items in and condition of basement

    That's too bad. I was born in Arlington Heights and lived in a little 1500 sqft house in Schaumburg on North Walnut Lane in a huge development in Schaumburg. We moved to White Plains, NY and the home prices were a HUGE culture shock. My parents sold their house for $55K thinking that was a lot...
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    Sale fell through on a hard to sell home primarily because of items in and condition of basement

    Are things really that bad in Illinois? I grew up in Schaumburg but haven't been back in 35 years. Here in MA homes sales are down vs the height of the market but still going strong and prices are still close to the highest they've been.
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    eero with existing Access Points

    I have the eero Pro 6+ with one Pro 6+ range extender and my iPhone will not connect 10’ in front of the main unit where I sit but I have no issues farther away, one foot to the left or one foot to the right. I’ve contacted support but no resolution. Online reviews confirm connection speeds up...
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    Central AC

    Mine came with a ten-year parts warranty and to maintain that it needs to be serviced at least yearly. They come out in the spring and clean the coils, condenser, blow out the drain line, and charge me about $100. No big deal...
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    Surprised by the number of hybrid vehicles in France

    I'm on vacation in Paris with the family and it's been a few years since I was in Europe and I have to say I'm really surprised by the number of hybrid vehicles here in France. If I had to guess it's maybe 1/3 of all passenger vehicles in Paris with the Toyota C-HR being the most popular. Still...
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    Central AC

    I've seen language in warranties that states the units must be serviced by the installer at least yearly to maintain the warranty - that could be an issue moving forward if you have a 10-year warranty.
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    Replaced bilstein with fox after 25,000 miles, f150

    I have 6112's on the front and 5160's on the rear and at 25K miles on them they're still great. Much better than stock. I do not do any meaningful towing or hauling though so it's basically a glam truck.
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    thinking about a new kia soul lx

    I'm really starting to like this entire powertrain. The 2.0 engine is one of the smoothest engines I've ever driven - you have no idea it's even on most of the time - quiet. It's actually torquey for a NA four and it's able to maintain speed up steep hills without downshifting. Now averaging...
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    Driving in Heat

    For a well-maintained and modern vehicle driving in 100F heat won't make a lick of difference.
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    thinking about a new kia soul lx

    Just bought a KIA Soul LX for my teen. For reference, I drive a Tundra and RX 350, which are not the best handling vehicles. This thing is actually really fun to drive! It's like a gocart and I find myself chronically speeding because it handles well and while the 2.0 may grenade in 10k miles...
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    KIA Turbo oil

    You'd be fine running a 5W-30 in northern Maine in the winter.
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    KIA Turbo oil

    There is no one on BITOG who is ominiscent. You ask a question that is impossible for anyone here to answer.