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    Conventional Gone

    That “even Russian people” statement was a bit poo poo. Just to remind you, soviets launched a human being in space this day many years ago and you talking about motor oil. Amazing
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    Can you imagine buying a 2007 BMW 335i with a 6 speed manual trans with only 3,400 original miles?

    Well, not sure if mostly sitting for 13yrs is such a great thing for a vehicle. Although it looks great, indeed
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    I just ordered my first Apple Watch

    Junk battery life. Get ready to charge daily. For what you likely gonna use it (checking time) you could get a better watch. Oh, and be ready for some scratches, but you know how to deal with paint issue well enough
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    stock market

    It feels like another stimulus is currently being priced in on a daily basis. 7 green days in a row. I haven't been following markets last year during the v recovery but that's the first time I'm seeing such a strike. Guess the day it becomes official sell off begins. But I have to say, current...
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    stock market

    it's interesting to see a bit of a shift into large cap techs. apple has been making me smile for the last couple of days. expecting amazon to go the moon towards the earning and hopefully will benefit some off of it. ARKs on the other hand, with Tesla and Roku doing nothing, has been having a...
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    stock market

    i'd love to know how much steam tesla has left on this run. it's quite overbought and looks like it's due for correction...same as BTC. what goes up has to go down lol. yall get the cash ready!!!!
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    stock market

    I've gotten some ARK ETF (arkk and more of ARKG). ARKK is slowly rebalancing and getting rid of tesla as it was becoming too heavy. ARKG is gonna have some heavy movement in 2021 i think. Another great ETF is ICLN, should be a great mover as well. I'm expecting a market pullback next week (or...
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    NIO year expected to begin January 9th

    nothing new that they have delivered on NIO day. everything they spoke about is far out in 2022. no actual numbers, no actual products. just plans. likely a pull back next week.
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    Cadillac XT6 transmission

    65K USD, cost of the car
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    Cadillac XT6 transmission

    So, my buddy just but a brand new 2020 XT6 about 3 weeks ago. He asked me to detail his car, got it polished coated etc (btw, paint quality is quite poor, tons of blemishes, dust under the clear etc). Anyhow, he was just texting me yesterday and apparently tranny failed on monday (was slipping...
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    Finance manager experience...

    and you had to through all this nonsense for a barely noticeable blemish on the paint. oh my. you must be bored to the teeth.
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    Swapping Jetta update...

    Yeah, kudos for making extra few hundreeds off of the same customer lol
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    Swapping Jetta update...

    So basically you paid the dealership roughly 600-800$ to get a car that actually is worth less then the previous one you had? Hmmmmm..... Edit. is't the same trim S, i misread. Regardless, cash down the drain.
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    Swapping Jetta update...

    aren't those WVs go for 5K off plus anyways???? it still blows my mind how much people are willing to take on additional stress over such a negligible thing.....jeeeez, that's crazy