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    Use Vehicle Shopping: <$7K sedan/wagon that is reliable + easy to fix

    My most reliable, easy to work on vehicles have been Honda (and Acura). Nissan, forget it. Everything except brakes is 10 times harder than it needs to be. My vote would be for any of the above listed Hondas.
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    No more borrowing our my car and trailer....uggg

    If anyone needs to "borrow" my truck, I drive. If they cant fit their chore(s) into my schedule, they can borrow someone else's truck. I dont ask for anything in return but usually am offered beer and wings, which is fine by me. My truck doesnt get wrecked AND I get food and alcohol (after...
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    Ever consider being a One-Car Family?

    Ever since the pandemic started, Ive been working from home 100%. Wife still has to go into her job at least 4 days per week. If we did not have kids, we could get away with 1 car. Wife would drive it to work and I would be working from home. Worst case if I had to go into work for some...
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    Fram Ultra Air Filter (4309)

    Yep, if I see a sealed one Ill buy it. If im really worried about it, Ill open it right at the register in front of the cashier. Honestly surprised ALL filters arent taped because who knows what people could/would do to them.
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    Fram Ultra Air Filter (4309)

    Replaced the filter on my Hemi RAM last weekend, my Ultra looked just like yours (maybe different size of course). Metal mesh on one side with 2 raised rib type sections like yours. The Fram Ultra pleats were taller than the pleats on the OEM filter that came off it. regards to...
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    We had a few bad storms last summer up here in CT....electricity was out for extended periods, for seemingly no reason and with no rhyme as to who had it and who didnt. The utility companies are being held to the fire because they raised prices all these years in the name of "future proofing"...
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    I hate to say it, but I feel like Texas is "too big for their britches", assuming things like cold, tornados, etc wont ever affect them. The power grid decisions also seem to be almost ego-based. I cant say my hometown is 100% better.....we watched a load of expensive waterfront houses get...
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    Correct, but in addition to wind and solar *mostly* working, our houses are also equipped to handle the cold. Pipes are not built into exterior walls. Most pipes are not anywhere near unconditioned space (like an attic) and if they are, they are heavily insulated and sometimes even provided...
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    They work perfectly fine up here in the Northeast. Then again, we know how to build stuff to handle actual winter :) All those busted pipes in TX would not have taken much at all to build the houses to a spec where the pipes would have not been exposed to unconditioned air. And...
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    Ram 1500 BW44-44 transfer case

    The whole MaxCare thing is a "service contract", technically. Not covered by Mag-Moss, so they COULD void it if they really want to. Maybe not so much with the fluid in the diffs, but my guess is if something goes wrong with the trans and they see fluid that does not match factory, they would...
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    Ram 1500 BW44-44 transfer case 4-Auto mode means you have the 44-45, which is old school enough to probably run on water lol I think the 44-44 would be a fine t-case if it werent for the crappy programming. Since the fronts wont engage unless the rears are slipping, if traction control and ABS are involved, its...
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    How to power a house using a generator

    My wife's uncle had an interlock setup installed. First power outage was during the summer, everything went out, he fired up the generator and flipped the interlock over. Without turning off any of the breakers. I think the most expensive thing to replace was the central A/C condensor because...
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    How to power a house using a generator

    Yeah, the well pump is important. My in-laws are on well water and that pretty much dictates what generator they can buy. The annoying thing is you need to size the generator just for that brief instant of startup draw, but once its running the well pump is no-big-deal. I think they bought a...
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    How to power a house using a generator

    Good video. Do note, the interlock setup is unique to brand/circuit panel, so someone would need to find the correct one for their application. The first time I ever had to use my portable generator, I did not have a transfer panel or interlock installed. I used lots of extension cords, which...
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    Replaced 2 year old air filter

    Just replaced the air filter on my 2017 RAM this morning. Factory filter, truck only has 19K miles and the filter was mostly clean. Went with the "Walmart exclusive" Fram Ultra to replace it, and as it turns out the pleats are "taller" on the replacement maybe it can go longer...