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    Why is gas going down in price?

    What part of the world?
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    What are you thankful for?

    My Boys and a small mortgage.
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    Supertech may be changing

    It’s “how you say it” that matters as much as what you are saying.
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    What's your preferred tire pressure?

    2012 Honda Fit, 40f, 35r (cold).
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    Replace rear main seal, with clutch? (Part quality issue.)

    Yes. Use an oem seal. One less thing to never worry about again.
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    Congratulations Max Verstappen. 2022 F1 champion.

    Max is really only out for Max. Not a team player. Everyone is replaceable. I don’t like how he unable to avoid contact. As a team boss that would be a dealbreaker. Expensive and usually bad press.
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    Post your latest oil change

    Sounds like a fair trade for a half hour of work. Eggs are $3.95 a dozen here.
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    Winner 🏆 of the VOA 2022'

    Looks like it was produced at an aluminum factory located on a beach.
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    M1 AFE 0W30, 4300 mi, 03 Civic EX

    Looks good. Double it.
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    Ross Chastain

    While a creative move it was dangerous. Just like cutting corners, “widening the race track”, on a road course, to gain an advantage, is prohibited, so should using the wall as part of the race track.
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    The Cost to Own a 430 Scuderia

    If you have to ask, you shouldn’t own it.
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    2022 Crosstrek 6000 MI/ Amsoil OE 0w-20 ...High amount of petrol in the oil...

    Why do people use engine flush on new vehicles?
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    2021 Ford Fiesta ST 1.5L EcoBoost – M2C-960A1

    5w-30 and change it often. Synthetic-rubber belt in oil…..genius!!! (For planned obsolescence)