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    California Moves To Ban Natural Gas Furnaces / Heaters

    Anyone care to actually tackle why this is such a bad idea? California is a big state, but in general, the climate doesn't require the heating needs of a gas-fueled furnace. That's hard for a midwestener or northeastener to understand, but population centers don't see -20F every winter. A heat...
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    Don't have any engine oil? Put some diesel fuel in your crankcase!

    I wasn't really sure where to put this. I mean, a Crown Vic is a passenger car and the diesel fuel is acting as a lubricant, so maybe Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles? However, if it's using diesel fuel as engine oil, does that make it Heavy Duty engine Oil (HDEO) - Diesel...
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    2019 Silverado High Country w/6.2 with ten speed transmission Certified/w accident

    Yes, it will absolutely hurt your resale, especially if you trade it into a dealer. That's the funny thing: When you're buying a car with a reported accident, it's just "very minor, nothing to worry about" and when you're selling the vehicle or trading it in, it's "omg, we're never going to be...
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    Prices just keep going up,up,up!

    Both major inflation indicators, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Personal Consumption Expenditures (CPE), include energy and food in their calculations. The the Federal Reserve (technically, the Federal Open Market Committee) uses a modified version of CPE that removes energy and food from...
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    Airing Up Tires for Off Pavement Use

    Power Tank 10lb CO2 tank pressurized to 800+ psi., which is enough to raise pressure 20psi on 14 37" tires. It'll run air tools too. Costs about $50 to refill at most any soft drink and bar servicer or gas/welding supply shop.
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    The five states where Americans' work the longest AK, WY, ND, TX, LA

    The article isn't a study. The article is reporting about studies, specifically mentioning and linking to four of them, from the World Economic Forum, WalletHub, the U.S. BEA, and Stanford. The author isn't making a "hypothesis" about the top 5 ranking: It's directly from the WalletHub report...
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    Video : How to install your wheels

    1. Jack up the car. Eyeball the location of the jack. Is it on the pinch weld? Eh, close enough. Don't need a jack stand since we won't be under the car. 2. Grab the Earthquake XT 1/2" cordless impact you got from Harbor Freight and a 19mm chrome socket. Remove lugs. 3. Yank on wheel to remove...
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    Yellow jackets

    Stryker and Tempo powder is awesome. We spent a lot of time away from the house this summer. Not paying attention to the day-to-day, yellow jackets made a nest behind our fiber cement siding. Stryker doesn't have the immediate knock-down power of something like Spectracide Pro. It sure does...
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    Why don't brake lines need gaskets?

    Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting. With pressure applied by a tightened flare nut, the flared tube deforms to match the profile of the flare fitting, making a leak-free seal. It can hold a lot of pressure. Hydraulic lines are also typically a compression fitting. They also can...
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    OPEC president is open to cutting oil production

    Yes. We. Do. The United States of America doesn't take the oil out of the ground. BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, etc. takes it out of the ground. They own the oil, not the United States of America. The only way "energy independence" exists is if the United States of America (that is, the government)...
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    OPEC president is open to cutting oil production

    So do I. "Energy independence" cannot exist in a free market. The foundational concepts are wildly at odds with one another. That's the paradox of it all: The same people who parrot "energy independence" on the television are the same people who believe in free markets and that "The nine most...
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    OPEC president is open to cutting oil production

    Energy independence is a fairy tale told to gullible people by cable news talking heads. Here's a great primer on markets and how they work: Unless you'd prefer the alternative: Nationalizing the US oil industry and letting the government control the flow of oil. This is the path to "energy...
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    Daniel Riccardo confirms exit from McLaren F1

    The don't say the summer break is silly season for nothing. This is a very logical, almost forgone, conclusion to the Vettel-Alonso-Piastri shuffle. The only real question mark was how much McLaren was willing to pay to buy out Danny Ric's contract to give Piastri the seat. This leaves Alpine...
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    Ground Beef - making/grinding your own?

    On the flip-side, you may find you like your home grind better than the typical grocery store grind. I'm not really picky about the grind, but I love how tacos turn out with my home grind. So much that I'll do a quick pass of grocery store ground beef through a 6mm plate when making tacos...
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    Ground Beef - making/grinding your own?

    Brisket makes excellent ground beef. The amount of fat in the cut allows you to really control how much fat your grind has. I typically grind brisket for beef sausage but always set some aside just to have as ground beef. I like to double grind with a 6mm plate. Trimming for sausage, I usually...