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    Mini Cooper or ?

    Your comments and insights are dubious because you have actually owned a Mini; here at BITOG the true experts are the ones who parrot third-hand hearsay and have yet to even sit in the car they are disparaging.
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    Old Man Bored to death by Appliance Camry.

    As I always say, "Buy what makes you smile." In my case, I'm two months shy of 64 years old and I've been a car nut since I was a toddler(My parents said when it came to gifts I always told them I asked for "something with wheels on it"). Ever since I was a teenager people have been telling me...
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    As I say, buy what makes you smile! I splurge on cars, motorcycles and home theater. YMMV.
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    Subaru BRZ

    It looks to be a significant improvement over the original, but I already have a momentum car in the garage.
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    2009 BMW 650i

    Pennzoil Euro or BMW TPT.
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    Cue the negative Abarth comments- all made by people who have yet to even sit in one.
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    If I followed that philosophy I wouldn't have bought my E28 535is, my E24 M6 or my M235i- and I would not want to have missed out on owning any of them. The older I get the more performance I crave; I'm 63 and two of the cars currently on my radar are a CPO F-Type S and a CPO M2 Competition.
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    A manual 128i runs 0-60 in the high five second range, and the quarter in the the mid fourteens. Perfect for a commuter and around town runabout.
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    Mazda, DI engines without PI, and carbon deposits...

    The performance of my 2007 MS3 never degraded over the 158,000 miles and 8 years I owned it.
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    Fiesta ST GTI MCS JCW 128i
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    Mini Cooper or ?

    Glad to know that...
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    Mazda No. 1 in Consumer Reports 2020 auto reliability survey

    I loved my 2007 MS3; it needed some kinks worked out under warranty but I ended up keeping it for over 8 years and 158k. I wish that Mazdaspeed versions of the 3, 6, and MX-5 were still offered; I’d likely have one in my garage.
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    My 318ti Club Sport- 25 Years on...

    ExactlyT The only options offered on the Club Sport were premium sound, a 25% limited slip and a sunroof. I ordered the audio upgrade and the LSD. Then my salesperson calls and tells me that Munich wants to build all the Club Sports with a sunroof- and charge the customers for it. In other words...
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    My 318ti Club Sport- 25 Years on...

    Yesterday marked 25 years since I picked up my Club Sport from Fields BMW in Chicago. I ordered it in August and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. It is one of 200 built through BMW Individual's Exclusive Edition program. It now has over 147,000 miles on it and I still love to drive it- in fact...
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    Help me choose a zero turn.

    That’s an excellent point.