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    Rental Review 2022 Chevy Camaro 2.0 Turbo

    As I posted in another thread, a V8 in a ponycar is like a manual gearbox in a Miata; anything else is just wrong.
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    Why so Expensive?

    The B58 I6 backed by the ZF 8Hp is a really phenomenal motor. The only BMW motors I like better are the S55 and S58 ///M motors.
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    Why so Expensive?

    I've stared looking for something to replace the 2 Series I've owned for six years(it's running great, but only my Club Sport and Wrangler are long term keepers(27 years and 20 years, respectively). The problem is, there's nothing under $50k new or used that I like better. So I likely will be...
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    Did I spot a prototype BMW?

    My wife first saw an iX from the rear; she told me she was all set to consider buying one until she say the front fascia. The only two late model Bimmers I'm considering are the previous generation M4 Comp and the soon to be replaced M2 Comp.
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    Average Vehicle Price June 2022 = $45844

    I usually get a 3-5 year car loan but I always pay it off in two years or less.
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    Average Vehicle Price June 2022 = $45844

    I'm in extremely casual shopping mode with an eye to replacing my 2 Series; if I see something I really like priced within my budget, I'll buy it. Otherwise, I'll wait.
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    Toyota's new electric oil pump.

    Agreed! I often think back to 1992 when I foolishly bought a 1988 M6- at the tim I could have bought a brand new top spec Accord, Camry, or Maxima for similar money. I can but wistfully imagine the exquisite driving experiences I let slip away.
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    ZF8 50K Mile Transmission Service

    I changed the ATF in the ZF 8HP in my 2er at 60 miles; next up is the 8HP in the X1.
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    Whats your ultimate sleeper?

    An E36/5 with an M73 V12. Racing Dynamics actually built one.
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    Rental Review: 2022 Mustang EB/10A

    A V8 in a ponycar is like a manual gearbox in a Miata; anything else is just wrong.
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    Smoothest Riding New Car?

    I recall an '80s ad for a European car that stated, "That unfamiliar sensation you are feeling is called the road."
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    Calling all car "nerds": strangely optioned vehicles you've owned?

    My 2009 Cooper Clubman DD had to have been custom ordered as it has heated sport seats and navigation. You usually find base Coopers of that vintage to be sparsely optioned; most people preferred to move up to the supercharged Cooper S.
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    Opinions on Tiny Turbo Charged Engines?

    In the case of my Mazdaspeed 3 it never had an issue with fuel dilution- street, track, 5k OCI, 7.5k OCI, tuned or not.
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    Opinions on Tiny Turbo Charged Engines?

    To each his own. The only cars I currently plan on owning past 150k miles are my E36/5 and TJ.