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    A/C Maintenance ?

    The evaporator has a temperature sensor (aka thermistor) to tell the climate control module the temperature of the evaporator. Typically, the climate control module won't energize the compressor is the evaporator temperature is much below 40*F. When it's hot outside and the AC is running the...
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    ~$450 Coolant exchange and heater core flush.

    I bet there's a block coolant drain plug under the exhaust manifold.
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    How Often Change Honda DW-1?

    You need to consider how the car is driven. Stop and go driving is harder on the car in general than highway driving. My wife's ancient Accord is driven mainly on short trips. I drain and refill 3 quarts of the automatic transmission fluid yearly.
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    VW Jetta 8 speed. In need of transmission fill pump.

    ALWAYS remove the fill plug first. Why? Lets say you drain the fluid and you can't get the fill plug out. Oooops!
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    Pick-a-part sadness

    That BMW 3 series (E30) (3rd picture) appears to have been mod'd as a targa.
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    Volkswagen Taos Dealer Invoice

    ^^^THIS^^^! At the end of the model year the manufacturer (or in this VW NA) sends the dealer a check the value of which is based upon the number of cars sold and the value of those cars sold.
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    Metal shavings on dipstick, any harm done? (Mostly concerned about oil pump)

    Take it to the dealer and show it to the Service Manager.
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    Turn Signal Problem

    Actually, the Supra and Z4 are built on BMW architecture by a company, Magna Styer, in Austria.
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    Low compression on one cylinder

    Wonder what the other cylinders look like?
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    BMW E92 pulling when braking

    Get/borrow an infrared temperature gun and check the rotors' temperatures. How often do you flush the brake fluid. It needs to be done every 2 yeras.
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    Ford key fob keeps going dead

    This! I replaced the battery in one of my fobs. Worked great for 3 days, and then kaput. Bought Duracell batteries and have not had a problem since.
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    2009 Scion TC

    I still use it. It great stuff, when you can find it.
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    2009 Scion TC

    Try using DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) in the oil. Here's how: - -
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    Just began noticing the engine revs but won't accelerate (1995 Lexus ES300)...

    Change the fluid and the filter. Modern automatic transmissions don't like to run properly when the fluid is either low or over-filled.
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    Glass Haze On Windshield

    I use the following to clean glass: - 60% water - 20% alcohol (70% or 90%) - 20% distilled white vinegar - 8 to 10 drops of Dawn Ultra in a 2 liter container. Shake it up well and use! Zero streaking!