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    Vinegar: distilled white vinegar or cider vinegar?

    My grandfather who lived with us was a big fan of white vinegar. He'd pour that stuff on his sardines. Or add it to the horseradish to thin it out. I hated it. After he passed away when I was a young teenager we had some family get together at our house and my cousin Barb wanted some...
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    Your Father's Sayings

    There's two ways to make a living in this world. With your back or with your brain. You need to get an education.
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    Chinese Food

    At the pharmaceutical factories I've visited in China, we dine in a private room with catered in food. Only time we ate in a sketchy restaurant was down in Fuzhou. Everything up further north was great except this restaurant on a moored ship that my escorts took me to that I vetoed. My first...
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    Total loss vs keeping car and cash

    Uber is great! Was Ubering in Vegas out to Aliante from the Strip and the CEL was on in the Jeep that picked me up. About 3 miles from Aliante the Jeep went into jog mode. The driver didn't know what was going on and started to panic. I had to explain to him what it was. The Uber drivers...
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    It's a very complicated question. Hard to compare the USA to China. Amtrack doesn't get much love from American tax payers. Most feel we're better off spending the trillion dollars to upgrade our roads and bridges instead of building high speed lines between cities.
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    Charging standardization

    I thought there was standardization. But you're very right, they need one plug for all.
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    Oil Grade Sensitivity

    The more I read on here, the more I think it just doesn't matter for the vast majority of run of the mill engines.
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    Wood/Wolf Spider In My Bed

    I think I'd have to move. And buy all new stuff.
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    Tipping for contractors?

    The guys working are probably getting paid less than $53 per hour. The owner is taking his cut.
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    Tipping for contractors?

    I tip the workers depending on how difficult the job is and how hard they're working. Had a new roof put on about 6 months ago. Those two guys were up on my roof about 12 hours working away. I gave them a tip for their hard work. I wouldn't tip the owner of the roofing company. If the...
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    Piston Soak with an Industrial Degreaser?

    Your engine is on its last legs of you're burning a quart every 500 miles. I can't see a downside to your plan. How much worse can it get. Best you can hope for is one more year out of the engine before Mr Junkyard comes with the tow truck a check for $350. Report back your results. How did...
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    Loctite in non-automotive applications

    Blue is useful for some firearm applications.
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    You could of had a V-8

    My first car was a 77 Buick with Chevy 305. Think it was 165 hp. Lots of hesitation. And a ton of vacuum hoses. I replaced the intake manifold and carburetor with aftermarket and that made it much more drivable. Still, the top end was only 100 mph.
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    Dealership maintained vehicles

    I went through 3 phases in my life. I hope to have a 4th phase. First phase I was poor and wanted to learn car repair and maintenance so I did it myself. Then I got some money and decided to pay for it. Then I realized I liked doing it and they charge so much and I feel huge sense of...
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    I use my wired connections that I put in 15 years ago but WiFi and xG get faster every generation. I was worried when one of my phone lines didn't work in my new house. Landlines. LOL.