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    Exterior floodlight help needed

    That's a lot of light. You going to sunbathe at night?
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    What do I do with old flourescent ballasts?

    The tubes have a very small amount of mercury in them. *Most* large companies were told several years ago to start disposing of them correctly or there will be regulations put in place. We put them in a container, in a bag, in another container and Fed Ex ground them to a recycler. Unless you...
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    2017 F150 3.5 Ecoboost - Castrol Edge 0W40 / Delo XSP 5W30

    Move South. Cold weather here is anything below 55f.
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    Where are the Rockford Peaches?

    Because fast pitch softball is a better game.
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    Oh, how life changes!

    I do about 40 each way and never leave the city I live in. Highway miles cause very little engine wear.
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    LED headlight trend

    You need to get out more. 50k truck is mid-range at best.
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    Door Ding

    I had a similar one right on a body line. Made the whole door look like it ****. My local Pop a Ding guy got it out. I think I paid about $80.00. He did my truck and a ding in my wife's car at the same time.
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    Rodney Carrington

    Try Pinkard and Bowden. See what you think. Trailer Park Woman is one of my favorites.
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    Do you bank with an "online" bank only? How do you like it?

    My nearest Credit Union Branch is 250 miles away. Been doing business online for 21 years now. Sometimes I actually call them.... but not often. I have been a member there for 35yrs.
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    Motorcraft battery destroyed by corrosion

    $51.XX installed
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    Motorcraft battery destroyed by corrosion

    Why not have them warranty it? My wife's 14 Edge had one go under warranty in '17. Ford just replaced the replacement yesterday (prorated).
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    Destroyed 429 Mustang

    Look at that picture again. He is sitting still with his ramps down on the trailer. Otherwise I had the same though. Down here, that car would have been right above the trailer wheels if it was alone.
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    Running My Heat Pump at 73℉

    If the HVAC isn't running, it wont remove moisture. When the sun goes down there is less heat load so the unit reaches setpoint and shuts down. You can off set this somewhat by lowering your night time set point. FYI, Humidity problems are often caused by oversized units. How many sq ft? How...