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    Fuel flowing through the Pipeline

    I have a couple questions myself. I know they use pigs to separate the fuels when they switch product through the pipeline. How is the fuel pumped with the pigs coming through? And how far are the pumping stations spaced apart?
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    Head Gasket Failure?

    Do you have any correlating conditions, such as bubbles in the coolant or unusual pressure in the system?
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    Which Epoxy to Use to Repair the Windshield Washer Reservoir?

    Once I tried a number of epoxies and found only one that worked. I can't remember which one. I've used plastic milk jug material and a torch, but that is very tricky. I've successfully used a hot glue gun.
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    5 quarts?

    Perhaps the container bulges a bit? One way to settle this is to use the old jug next oil change, then pour one of the new jugs into the old jug and see where the level sits. It may just be a container issue.
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    Diagnosing nonworking rear window defroster lines.

    Bad ground? But eight of the lines do work.
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    Diagnosing nonworking rear window defroster lines.

    My 2001 Sable has nine random grid lines that don't work on my rear window defroster. I can't see any breaks, and chasing this down with my voltmeter shows voltage all the way down each nonworking line. How can this be?
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    Excuses to get out of working weekends

    One colleague of mine (different company) would reply "Why is this necessary, is the patient not going to make it through the weekend?" In my case it was only rare times that they asked. I work in a lab as an engineer. Sometimes our product would have a problem and it was our clients, i.e...
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    Excuses to get out of working weekends

    Many of us exempt employees sometimes face the awkward request of working on a weekend. It is often important to our manager or our client, but not important to us. I would like to compile a list of excuses that are plausible and should work. Something that isn't as predictable and lame as "my...
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    Replace these trailer wheel studs?

    The hydrogen problem can be eliminated by baking the part at 350° for 4 hours. But how many people would have the presence of mind to do this and understand the how and why? So yeah, it's better and simpler to use a wire wheel.
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    Another Panther Dinosaur-Great for BITOG

    I sold my 1991 seven years ago for $1100. It pained me to do it, but I didn't want a fourth car in my personal stable. It was on the cusp of collectability back then. I never had a better car on cross country trips.
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    Tire rubber shortage is the auto industry's next potential problem....

    I remember that shortage ten years ago. They said that more rubber trees would be planted to meet the demand. I never heard any followup since then.
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    Replacement cost for central A/C

    My place in Florida needs a new unit every 17 years. 19 years ago it cost $1000. Two years ago it cost $3500. Not all of the increase was inflation.
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    Tesla Fire

    I believe the firefighters association is keenly interested in these instances. Accidents like these are a learning experience for them. They want to develop training for their firefighters on what to do with EV fires.
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    A relic I inherited...

    When plastic bottles came out, I was surprised with all the plastic waste. I used to incinerate the paper cans. Couldn't do that with plastic, it was too tough on the air.
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    Do spray waxes/coatings provide real paint protection?

    As I understand it, wax is formulated with fine abrasives, designed to remove a layer of oxidized paint. According to Consumer Reports it is gentle enough that you can wax every week for four years and not remove the paint layer.