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    Feel Good Christmas Movies

    This may be slightly off topic, but I got a good laugh from watching a Hallmark movie parody entitled "Every Hallmark movie ever." It's 4 mins long.
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    Engine Start/Stop Vehicles

    I just want to point out the break-even point for a start-stop event is 7 seconds with respect to gas mileage.
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    Burning Iron

    Have you ever considered how steel is made? They make it from iron ore, which is typically iron oxide. A lot of energy goes into smelting steel from its oxide form. I don't see how a renewable energy can smelt iron oxide back into iron. That's about as smart as recharging electric vehicles...
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    Will 2 cycle oil and gas separate over time?

    I make my premix and store it in a clear liquor bottle. It sits for extended times. Never have I seen the solution show any signs of separating.
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    Christmas Lights

    I saw my first Christmas commercial in September.
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    Post a favorite animal

    They are supposed to sit that way. Some people actually train the ears of their show dogs (e.g., collies) to stay that way.
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    Post a favorite animal

    I used to have a pet squirrel. I found it as a baby orphaned around this time of year. I kept it through the winter until it got warm outside and it could fend for itself. That was seven months of crazy fun in my house.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Check your Brake Lines!

    I've had brakes fail twice from corroded brake lines. A handful of other times I caught it early and replaced lines before failure. Brake lines used to be terne coated, but in recent decades they've been coated with epoxy in an effort to get all lead out of vehicle production. I recommend...
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    What is a good front wheel bearing and hub for a 2008 honda odyssey

    I don't think you can do it any other way. The cartridge is pressed in, in such a manner that you can't pull it out. There is nothing to grab on to.
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    Can you ride a bike??

    True. The way racers would stop is by grabbing the front wheel with their gloved hand. One racer lost a couple fingers that way.
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    Squirrels in the attic

    One trick I learned to see if they still come in your house - and you know their entry point - is to cover and tape the entry point with newspaper. If it's not disturbed for a couple days then you know they aren't in your house anymore and it's safe to shore up the entry points.
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    Krown Rust Protection Spray

    I used to order rustproof compound by the quarter barrel. I like to spray it on thick. I once used 5 gals of compound to rustproof a vehicle.
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    Biennial Oil Change?

    I only put 3 hrs a year on mine. I won't need to change it until 2034.
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    What Do You Think About Long-Term (20+ Years) Ownership Potential Of Modern Cars?

    My 1995 Mercedes E320 has over 20 computers in the vehicle. A number of them have already gone bad. This car may likely end up in the junkyard one day with the body and drivetrain in great condition because the computers will get too costly to replace.
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    Why did this wheel stud break? Metallurgy issue?

    The testing I have done shows some wheel bolts will neck and fracture at 400 ft-lbs. Other testing I've done shows the combination of antiseize on threads and under nut head will fracture a wheel bolt at specified torque values. I've also seen wheel bolt fractures in metallurgically healthy...