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    The Top 25 Overrated Singers Of All Time

    That was the best impression of a goat in a washing machine i ever heard
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    Old electrical panel

    I was thinking more so Bryant due to the colors
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Some of the theme songs of the DePatie–Freleng cartoon series
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    Time to buy my 2 post lift

    Mohawks seem to be pretty decent and use a lot of US made parts
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    Miscrimped Wix 57712

    Some WIX/NAPA have been made there for years. Ive seen those from both the USA and Venezuela but not mexico
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    How to make a Bobcat leave?

    You can have the Bobcat police officer give that Bobcat a trespass warning
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    What would a reasonable gas price be to you?

    2.50 to about 2.80 or below.
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    Which fuel treatment for low mileage use?

    Seafoam is my go to for stabilizing gas. I try to always run E0 in my mitsubishi to help prevent ethanol related wear. For winter storage, i throw a bottle of Seafoam in the gas tank and fill it up all the way. When all i could get was e10 fuels, i would put a bottle of lucas safeguard to help...
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    Sheetz installed Tesla chargers

    Only reason i go to sheetz is for E0 gas
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    No wonder truckers are now just steering wheel holders

    Got to get them ready for the next Swift Fails compilation
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    Your definition of “basic hand tools”

    Works well on both standard and metric drinks
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    New ratchet?

    Wright or Proto would be my go to options for buying anything built in the USA