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    What do you conclude about a "loud" oil?

    My years as a Sonar operator mean I don't need an SPL meter to tell me there is a difference in output sound with different fluids inside an engine. Various elastomers and fluids can dampen the vibrational "Ringing" of metal parts simply by being in contact. Same result could probably be...
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    What do you conclude about a "loud" oil?

    My perception is that heavier moly packs are quieter. Those are also typically heavier weight which may have a sound dampening effect on the mechanicals so appear quieter. I don't think there is more wear necessarily for louder oils. %.02 In my motorcycles there is a perceptible difference in...
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    Lots of small 2 Stroke carbs not priming with primer bulb.

    Describe what happens with the bulb ...pressing it either just air in it or the bulb is full of fuel and is hard to press? If no fuel in the bulb check the lines as many have said and check behind the bulb there is small check valves that may need priming. If bulb has fuel but wont press then...
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    Question about unlocked phone check

    google ATT iphone unlock ...there is a handy unlock portal. You just need the account # or BAN# (Business account) Put in SIM and if it is unlocked the cellular should connect.
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    Harbor Freight Earthquake XT vs Milwaukee Fuel M18 1/2" Impact Gun

    the HF quality is much better on some items than before. If you look at their cordless stuff the batteries are dewalt knock off and probably interchangeable. That said the price differential is also not as much so if you take care of your stuff go down to Mom n Pop ACO and get a name brand combo...
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    Advice needed. Damaged a friends Model Y

    You want to do the right thing and he wont let you? Now that this has happened he does have a measure of responsibility to take action to remedy it. If the condition worsens due to inaction it is not your concern as you have an open offer to compensate him. Sounds like he is not too worried...
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    Tool recommendation to clean corrosion on aluminum wheel at valve stem causing a leak.

    A dremel with small brush or emery barrel will clean the outside but i dont think that is the problem. Inside of wheel surface is where the seal happens and should be clean. With tire removed clean stem hole area with a solvent and let dry. I would then find a suitable pliable sealant like...
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    3/4 or 1 ton p/u comfort

    I hve a 17 chevy 1500 LTZ and it rides great. Springs are compliant so a good ride. smaller wheels with larger tires have more mushiness to absorb bumps than the >20 inchers all the rage these days. Larger trucks meant to haul also can have high pressure tires that ride like stone. I keep E...
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    Group 94R AGM battery/CTEK 3300 How to Charge?

    I beleive the AGM will be just fine to use. A Smart charger has algorithms that define the charging strategy by the tech in use. Initial voltage, charge ramp/rate and finish voltages will be similar between AGM's. Warnings telling you not to use the charger to pound in nails and check you...
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    Have you lost any interest in the NFL?

    I stopped watching when baseball went on strike wayyy back. The other reason lies in the term "My Team" ...why are they "Your Team"? did they go to "your school"? did they live in "your neighborhood"? 99.9% answer is no ...they came from many other places to make lots of money and really you're...
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    Race Fuel - Worth It?

    Put whatever octane the engine calls for in it. It it a low compression torque motor so additional octane just dilutes the fuel more. What will help is a jet kit. there may be a few but Dynojet has been making them a long time. You will get smoother throttle and a bump in torque which is...
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    Leaf blower bogging

    A clogged filter will cause the mixture to go rich (not enough air). The fact that the choke was making it run better means it was running lean (not enough gas) ...the opposite condition.
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    Mechanical thermostat on propane fireplace

    420mv sounds low should be more like 750mv. If the output is below spec for that thermopile then it is either not getting proper flame from the pilot light. or it is old with low output. The output voltage/current drives the valve to open so this leaves you 2 ways to fix it. Increase output...
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    Leaf blower bogging

    The carb is clogged or the diaphragm fuel pump is getting weak or fuel is restricted in tubing or tank. Id say check tank and fuel lines and possibly overhaul or replace the carb if it problematic. If you continue to run it lean you will burn it up.