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    digital photo storage

    Having seen cloud accounts vaporize a few times get an 8tb ext disk from Costco and backup the pics and phone to it. Many router firewalls now also provide cloud connectivity to devices over wifi to locally connected USB thumbdrive/disk. All my stuff backs up to local lan storage device without...
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    Repair shops suck

    Big shock ...many totally inept dispensary rejects do want a good paycheck. So they pretend to be perfessinall mekanicks and tend to employ what i call the Shotgun Method of repair. Aim at the problem area then blast a bunch of new parts at it hoping to kill the problem. Of course this is...
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    Terminal Lugs Kit

    Up to about 14 Guage I always get only Stainless terminals with higher physical strength and never aluminum. Aluminum with high current (heat) expands and contracts and the connections can loosen over time causing voltage drops and even more heat. When crimping never crimp so hard to crush the...
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    Using Mini Cord Online Switch On An Extension Cord ?

    For like $15 at wallyworld they have a 4 pack of wireless outlet switches and a small remote that controls them. sit on the couch sipping eggnog and light up everything
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    cars with high mileage

    In old days it was a monday or Friday engine that blew so appeared as luck getting a good engine. Modern manufacturing is night and day better to a larger extent. When you say 2 engines in a row blew i suspect they had a bad batch of components that snuck thru the quality filters. So that the...
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    Continental truck tire line blowing doors off Michelin Defender LTX

    "Blowing doors off" is a bit overblown statement. ...more like a smidgen. Keep the LTX's at 40-45 psi when not towing and they ride just fine. These are overengineered tires made for real work. Ill stick with the Michies for the long history of good service.
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    Bad A$$ Z06

    He had stabilitrac turned off. unless youre at the track for $$$ there is just no need to turn it off.
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    Why did this wheel stud break? Metallurgy issue?

    Remember that unless you use an X lug wrench that the applied tightening torque is not balanced axially but instead side loads the stud which can cause a failure. Get an X lug wrench and use both arms to rotate the nut on. At the very least when tightening use your free hand to grab the wrench...
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    Plumbing help on a shower isolation valve seat replacement

    Did you look at square drive bits? they have a taper so as long as one fits in the bore it will be tight in the seat for removal.
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    2018 Yamaha XMAX 300cc Scooter

    You dont specify where but sounds like oil is for the shaft drive? I would put M1 full synth 75-90 in and not worry. I use that in my Concours 1400 shaft drive for ~43k no problemo. If its for engine then Shell T6 15-40 is cheap at wallyworld. I mean you're not gonna drive it in -10 winter are...
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    Engine braking bad for automatic transmission?

    My silverado has towing pkg and i have used it a lot. I don't believe it hurts anything. descending a grade the trans downshifts and the TC Clutch locks up and the engine does the braking just like a diesel rig. The TC is locked so no heat generation there and no monstrous shearing. Other than...
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    I may have made a mistake buying a new truck last week... thoughts?

    I think all makes can have inherent flaws so simply trading it off may just get you different set of bugs. I have a Chevy silverado that got a "chuggle" or "fishbite" issue which is TC Clutch issue. many have been addressed with updated fluid and firmwares. Go into the forums for the vehicle are...
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    cars with high mileage

    My purchased new 2002 F150 has over 210k with still no oil loss between changes. Its entire life used M1 15-50 with 8k-10k changes. Trans has M1 ATF and diff has M1 75-140. M1 goes into everything i own including the lawn mower. My Brothers Honda element has over 400K
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    CRC Intake Valve cleaner...worth it as early prevention of carbon build up?

    Find and install a quality Catch Can. They precipitate the crud out of the EGR gasses before getting fed back to the Intake/valves
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    Eddie Van Halen RIP. Dead at age 65

    I was lucky enough to be front row in Virginia early 80's and again 2 shows in a row in Detroit wit Hagar ...All the tunes were note for note clean and true to the records/tapes RIP Eddie. :-( Doubtful the Cancer was from metal picks, he used plactic VH labeled picks and tossed them out...