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    Old RV gas mileage

    I would guess 4 mpg @ 70 mph. That thing is huge and a 440 Mopar engine is not a sipper.
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    Advice on 2013 Camry parked and not started for 2 years !!!!!

    The gas is probably your biggest potential problem. After you get it running fill the tank and see how it drives. Change the oil and filter after about 20 miles and try the AC to make sure it blows cold. Do the transmission and see if everything works. There are lots of vehicles, boats, and...
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    High speed driving

    80 is nothing in South Dakota. I pull my boat frequently with my truck at 80mph and have never had a problem. This is on the interstate only where the speed limit is 80 mph. Around here you get run over if you drive any less than that.
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    Lets talk about new vehicles

    I would go with a Toyota Avalon. Hybrid or gas both would be ok.
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    Demo Vehicle Questions

    I would have the dealer repair the damage before purchasing. You can make sure its done right instead of buying the car first and repairing later. The repair would be a one day job no big deal. Personally, I have never pay for rust prevention and if rust starts it's usually time for me to...
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    It sounds expensive to repair and a 2013 is not getting any newer. I don't know much about Mercedes however I would go for more of a boring cookie cutter car rather than risk breaking the bank on repairs. It's 9 years old x 15,000 miles per year. I don't like sounding like a Debbie Downer but...
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    RA key fob for me?

    Awesome thanks for reporting results!
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    2012 Honda Civic sedan 1.8 engine. 3.8 Quarts of Valvoline synthetic oil with a Mobil 1 Extended Performance filter. Car uses no oil in between changes of approximately 5,000 miles. OLM was at 40%. Car has 101,600 miles on it.
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    Worse repair ever?

    Harmonic balancer on a 2005 Corvette. Suspension parts have to come off and re-align the front end. I didn't do the job but I know its a PITA.
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    Peace of mind from driving a beater?

    My beater is my 2012 Honda Civic. It's still in great shape and takes the everyday beatings that would otherwise be assaulted on my F-150 or my Corvette. I don't get too upset over a ding and have PDR tools in case I do get a ding. I have the unlimited automatic car wash sticker on it and it...
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    Bought Me a Truck

    A lot of people would buy that truck if you get it in running condition. An engine would be very easy to install in that truck since there is so much room to work on it. Some people like the simplicity of a slant six and an automatic transmission. I had a slant six in a Dodge Aspen and it had...
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    GM dealer filled oil with conventional 5W30 vs synthetic, should i worry?

    I would run it 2000 miles and change it. I believe you will notice the oil is a darker color than it would be with a full synthetic. I had a quick lube place change the oil in a 99 Ford Expedition I owned and I could tell later on the oil was darker than normal. I have to believe they put a...
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    Under Valve cover, new to me beater car

    Looks great. I had an 03 Toyota Corolla many years ago and sold it with 225,000 miles and it ran like new. They were all highway miles. Your days work gave you another 100,000 miles out of that car with regular maintenance. The car looks very nice. I don't think the internals look too bad...
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    Pulled this off a John Deere today

    If I could read Chinese or Japanese I could tell you what kind it is.
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    Probably over-serviced my beater today, no regrets :)

    I like the fact that you are showing pride and taking care of an older higher mileage vehicle. Most people start to short the vehicle on maintenance just because it is getting old and they don't care. It's nice that you are taking good care of it and I believe that is how you get very high...