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    Homemade Texas Hot Link Sausage

    What is the difference between those and braughtwurst?
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    Can i use motorcycle oil in my small tecumseh, Honda, and kohler engine?

    Don’t do it. It will cause premature balding and IBS.
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    Is Amsoil grease compatable with Lithium grease?

    For the most part the only grease that isn’t compatible with anything else is polyurea based ones. Calcium and lithium can mix and I think some of the aluminum complex ones can mix with lithium also.
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    Office First Aid/CPR

    I think the last time I had cpr training they showed that clip.
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    If you paid attention the last 10 days there might be a reason for the delay. You paid $2 to ship it. Don’t expect it to be put on a silver platter and delivered by Air Force one.
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    NZ trucks on Mt Messenger.

    They turn with the fronts.
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    Ok. what is your point?
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    Nephew just selected to Secretary of Defense Comm team

    Cool. Anyone that gets to participate at that level always seems proud of the opportunity. Good for him.
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    Regional differences in fuel blends?

    Could be. The numbers you stated aren’t large enough to point to any one thing. Just something like the texture of the road surface could cause it along with numerous other things.
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    What am I seeing here?

    You weren’t suppose to see that. It is a frozen condensed contrail. The CIA will be along shortly to erase our memories.
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    Regional differences in fuel blends?

    Different regions/metropolitan areas have different RVP requirements. It varies from state to state and time of year.
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    Winter two stroke

    Yeah. Keeps it from icing up.
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    How Long To Store Gas Without Stabil ?

    So what is going to happen to the millions of gallons of gas sitting in tanks at my company that might not go anywhere till next fall? Guess we will just throw it out.
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    Purple T8 bulb?

    Bum bulb. Looks like the gas is off in it. If it is a filament issue usually one end will light and the other will be more magenta. Nothing you can do about it. Of the thousands of bulbs I have changed out Phillips were the worst for bad ones out of the box.
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    Winter two stroke

    His question was not about oil. His saw has a setting that you change for winter and summer. The setting you saw operate a shutter that allows warmer air to come into the air intake to keep the filter and carb from icing up. Saws are operated close the ground in the snow in winter and can...