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    GM has ruined the looks of the new Corvette so bad I now like the Camaro better

    That's my problem with the new Vette... There should be NO mistaking a Vette from the other supercar clones. Back in the day... most everyone knew a Vette when they saw one.
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    Thoughts on Super Tech?

    Been using ST oils for years now and can't complain. 200K plus on many previous vehicles without any issues. However, With their new 20K version, I'm wondering if the added cost is worth the money?
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    White Vehicle??

    After seeing decades of cars and car colors, I'm sad that today we have a limited choice of colors. Out here in AZ, we have White, Black, Silver, Red and Blue. Those are my choices. (Unless I look at some manufacturer like Subaru or KIA etc.) I marveled the other day as I approached an...
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    New Integra is…..

    Yup... It's a Civic in Acura clothing. Not very nice looking clothing IMHO. Not even remotely interesting. Acura used to be on the cutting edge, not now....
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    Supertech Asian Red 50/50

    PEAK 10x for me.... No Dex, No G05, No 2-EHA,... Just want to simplify my maintenance!
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    1 Gallon Peak All Vehicles Antifreeze - $5 - Limit 6

    Actually... I had to go to Ace for a few things and decided to walk the automotive isle. I was surprised to see it there and for $4.99 as mentioned by the OP! Great deal!! I got a few jugs and am all set with the Buick for a few years.
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    1 Gallon Peak All Vehicles Antifreeze - $5 - Limit 6

    Thanks very much for posting this! Got two jugs today as I changed-out the Dex on the Buick last month. Good stuff!
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    Weeping sandstone at Glen Canyon Dam

    Makes sense when you think about the porosity of the stone. Interesting for sure.
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    Panoramas of the Glen Canyon Dam

    Awesome pictures!
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    Weeping sandstone at Glen Canyon Dam

    Wow... So this is a natural occurrence and not related to the drought?
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    Not trolling, but all things being equal, why not just use SuperTech for everything?

    Supertech in everything? Yup.... once I removed my "feelings" from the equation and realized this oil is every bit as good at the big players.... Great oil.... among many out there. Pick your poison I say...
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    Any standalone GPS users here still?

    Not only that... but people willingly place listening devices inside their homes (Amazon,Google, Apple etc.) which are actively listening to their every word. A friend recently had a similar experience like your friend. Freaky yet their is no magical reason here.... these devices listen and...
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    New Hyundai coolant?

    I have read the "Asian" formulas are the ones to use... but...but.... I have since chosen PEAK 10x as my coolant for my three vehicles. (two of which are KIA/Hyundai) IF Hyundai is this ambiguous, then I wouldn't worry... They obviously don't care to be very specific, and I figured...why am I...
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    Would you ever use the same oil filter more than twice?

    Very interesting. Thanks for the link and article. Good to know also as I'm a WIX XP user (Along with Gold). May need to look closer at efficiency levels in the future.
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    Would you ever use the same oil filter more than twice?

    And then again... Unless it's a severe service vehicle, I don't see any problem with it. We don't grease our wheel bearings anymore either. Transmission fluid isn't exposed to internal combustion conditions so nowhere near as important to change. And yes... they (engineers) aren't in the...