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    Toyota Tacoma's: Sellers or buyers market?

    Sounds like good news to me. Thinking about selling mine in the spring for a new Camry.
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    Camry vs Corolla

    Happy wife=happy life. Tell the wife to get whatever she likes!
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    Road Trip Items to Bring?

    I carry tools on a road trip if taking the Chevy, no tools with the Toyota.
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    GM pickups of the future.

    I'm sure it will be over priced.
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    Older car daily drivers

    I can't really call it a daily driver, but my Monte Carlo gets driven regularly all summer and goes in storage for the winter. It has never seen a rust belt winter. It has been a surprisingly good car.
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    Facebook Marketplace

    I just the old, oem wheels off my Monte Carlo and a tonneau cover both, in the same day. Also listed on Craigslist but never got an inquiry from there.
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    Car related YouTube channels

    Goonzquad, Vice Grip Garage, Thunderhead 289 are my favorites. Scotty is ok sometimes, but borderline neurotic.
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    Subaru Quality Strikes Again!!!

    Under warranty yet? Get it fixed and dump it. Life is too short to to be frustrated by a car you don't like.
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    Well that went well

    Some days you win and some days you don't.
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    I'm finally retired!

    Congratulations! Retirement is a big step and decision. I look forward to it, yet nervous about it both at the same time. Still got 2.5 years to go!
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    Name two of the worst movies made!

    Most anything on Netflix.
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    Car brand that burned you so bad on reliability you'd never buy again?

    That's an easy one. 2 words, Ford Taurus.
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    Toyota Tacoma losing resale value

    Interesting thread. I traded in a 2018 Colorado LT for my Tacoma and couldn't be happier.
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    Bought a new to me mustang

    Nice looker. I would imagine the 4.0 engine? Fairly reliable car and cheap to own and maintain/repair.
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    Mercedes CLK-350 reliability

    Drove/looking at a used 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK-350 this afternoon. Car sales are a go in Michigan. This car has 41,000 miles on it and appears to be in fine condition. The 3.5 V-6 DOHC engine is rated for, i believe, 275 horsepower give or take. I was absolutely amazed how nice this car was to...