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    What are you listening to right now?

    I’m conflicted on saying better than the original because it comes down to personal tastes, but with that said, I like this “Cleaned up” version from Pantera more so than the original. I guess that may also come down to 20 some odd years of differences in recording technology. 🤔 D.D’s guitar...
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    Does anyone else lament the demise of the V8?

    Well there’s plenty of V8’s out there to be had, so it’s not like they’re being wiped off the face of the Earth. With that said, I understand the meaning of this thread is about the demise of the V8 in new vehicles, and on that front, I really find myself indifferent to it. I suppose it’s...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    They did have a unique, futuristic sound. I Ran, Wishing, Space Age Love Song, Telecommunication, (It’s not me) Talking,…all great songs if you ask me. 👍🍻
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The original Black Sabbath version is a little more of an “eerie” kinda sound, if that makes sense, but I still like it. It’s very Black Sabbath. 🤔😉 Not to take away from the original, but I prefer the cleaned up, chill vibe that I get from the Pantera version. I have always loved a clean...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    This is an interesting one. Everyone my age, I shall not disclose that, will remember these guys whether you liked them or not. Kind of a flash in the pan band, but for me, memorable guitar licks. Paul Reynolds is a brilliant guitar player that could make the guitar very memorable and prominent...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Geoff Tate is right up there with Bruce Dikinson (Iron Maiden) when it comes to powerful vocals IMO. 🍻 (I had to alter Bruce‘s last name because it got censored when I posted it.) 😂
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    What are you listening to right now?

    This has such a chill vibe to it. 🍻
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    Post your latest beer consumption

    Another good one from Lost Forty in Little Rock. Cheers! 🍻
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Is that Guinness flowing out of your arm? 🤔😉 Just kidding. Good on you for being a donor. Cheers!🍻
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    RPM dependent engine groaning sound on friend's 19 Ram V6.

    As JTK said above, he would have the E-torque in the new body style. I myself am not familiar with the characteristics of the E-Torque system on those, I was just wondering if there was something about the system itself that could be making the sound that you’re hearing. In what way is the sound...
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    Took the Jeep to Moab!

    What an awesome adventure! Those are some great photos of that beautiful landscape. 👍🍻