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    Post your latest oil change

    2017.5 Mazda 6 2.5L 5000mi/7mo on fill Out: 5qt M1 T&S + Baldwin Filter In: 5qt M1 T&S + ACDelco Filter
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    Post your latest oil change

    First OC since getting it in May. I traded my Titan XD in and the 12mpg wasn’t ideal. Plus they gave me about 10k more than I paid for it initially. Anyway the Camaro Bought it with 21k on it. At 4000mi the OLM was at 50% figure I’d change it early since I’m starting a new job soon that’s...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2017 Camaro 2SS Out: 10qts M1 5w30 , ACDelco Filter In: 10qts GTX FS 5w30, Fram Orange Can
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    0w20 for heavy driving?

    Someone revived some old stuff I see. Getting reacts. So as an update Change Ram Hemi 5.7 with Titan XD 5.6 Gas and 5w20 Conventional/Synblend with 0w20 Synblend and that’s the current status. 5k ocis and I don’t burn a drop. Also my 5.6 runs slightly cooler with an AFE Cai, AFE Headers, and...
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    Movies you hate that most like.....

    Star Wars Marvel Movies Fast and the Furious movies “Let’s recreate 80% of the same movies with 20% something new, people will spend billions”
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    If you are looking at Frigidaire appliances and have an IKEA nearby...

    As a kid in the 90s we always got Kennmore or Frigidaire after numerous Amana appliances always crapped out. Always apparently Unrepairable. My family was always “Amana is TRASH!” After my roommates Samsung washer and dryers took a crap, three times now, I read numerous reviews on appliances...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2017.5 Mazda 6 2.5 with 36k miles Out: Motorcraft oil and filter In: M1 Truck and SUV 0w20 and Baldwin filter
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    First oil filter you ever bought

    First oil change I did myself on my own vehicle (therefore the first stuff I personally bought) was in 2007 shortly after getting my first vehicle 2005 Ford Ranger 2.3L Purolator L20195 and QS "HM w/ Slick 50" 10w30 Shortly after (was doing 3k OCIs) K&N whatever and the same oil From what I...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Nissan Titan XD 5.6L 4600mi/6 months Out: GTX Ultraclean 0w20 Wix XP In: GTX Ultraclean 0w20 Performax (Purolator built Sopus filter)
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    US Military Power - 2021

    Those NVGs and Gas Masks I’ve seen left are outdated now with the newer ones coming out. Helicopters have been disabled. The vehicles that are able to operate more than likely have trackers in them. As for Afghanistan, it didn’t have to be like this at all. that’s all I am gonna say on here...
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    How did you get your young adult behind the wheel?

    No kids, But I can tell you that I can operate and maintain a 2005 Ford Ranger probably with my eyes closed to this day. That was my teenage baby. Everyday I drove around the world twice it felt like. But never left a small town. Most of us in High School drove Ford Rangers, Crown...
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    September is Suicide Awareness Month

    I'm not one to share "pass is on" posts, and this isn't one of them. This is from my heart, I've lost 3 brothers-in-arms this week to the "22" I'm not gonna get political either. Right now is a tough time for this country with a certain illness going on still, and its a tough time for...
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    New to me, 2017 Mazda 6 2.5L oil choice

    Thank ya, its a fun little thing to drive. I do too. I have no issues running 0w20 in anything that specs it. But I was curious as I know in my past their 2.3 didnt really care, and then this has like 3 different choices depending on country. More than likely the next 2 ocs will be M1 T&S 0w20...
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    New to me, 2017 Mazda 6 2.5L oil choice

    Picked up this little 2017 Mazda6 NA 2.5L Touring on Monday, 30K mi on the clock, records of maintenance and quick lube ever 6mo/5k mi are there. A few scratches here and there but hey, its used and was a pretty grreat deal. So, in the past I've owned one Mazda. A 2005 Ford Ranger 2.3L (its a...