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    Does synthetic protect better than dino

    Late 1980's into early 1990's Amsoil promoted a Lifetime Oil Change program with a specific non-detergent Amsoil oil and matching $25 oil filter. One was to change the filter every year and add a new quart of oil "to replenish the additives." Customers were delighted with their beautiful...
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    Ford 2.7L ecoboost

    Read up on the Ford Nano engine. It is designed and built like no other before it.
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    Ford 2.7L ecoboost

    Read it and weep! Hasn't quite equaled this since.
  4. F-150_29_MPG.jpg


    Wish it could do this more often.
  5. 2018 F-150 XLT SCAB 4x4 2.7EB

    2018 F-150 XLT SCAB 4x4 2.7EB

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    Does synthetic protect better than dino

    Where is the spec stating "synthetic" has different molecular structure? Where can I send oil samples that can tell me wither it is synthetic or refined? If synthetic is superior, and "everyone" is saying "how dare you question motherhood!", where is the performance certification/standard for...
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    Tesla gas can...

    Think so? Autopilot only requires a torque on the steering wheel to be convinced a hand is on the steering wheel. Commonly achieved by hanging a beanbag. To charge the battery the BCU software has to be in charge mode. You think you are smart enough to make the BCU charge from external source...
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    PRO TEC PTL57145/163. C&P

    I don’t see any problem. You just don’t like seeing construction differing from others. TTBOMK AC-Delco was the first to place bypass at filter base. If bypass is necessary due to excess pressure across the element do you really want oil to flow over the outside of a dirty filter to the far end...
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    Rotella 0w40 no longer CJ-4/SN

    So what if they can‘t get SN? Why not just SJ? Am concerned without an S rating it won’t be suitable for neutralizing gasoline combustion byproducts.
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    Tesla gas can...

    Lie. A Tesla will not shift out of park if EVSE is connected to the charge port.
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    Colonial Pipeline stopping all operations due to cyberattack

    That is the media spin. Problem was the lack of deliveries (via pipeline) to the terminal. Gasoline seems to be flowing today. Saw 2 deliveries. Stations which were closed Wednesday morning were open this morning. If you believe hoarding was the problem then the solution is derogatorily named...
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    Tesla gas can...

    My Tesla‘s “fuel gauge” of remaining miles is spot-on and in total agreement with advertised range. I can beat it below 70 MPH. However it is set to USA EPA calibration vs the much more generous (and wrong) European.
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    Tesla gas can...

    If it is drawing from battery or an umbilical from a generator it does not matter. No need to charge the battery if power is being directly applied to the traction motor. The question is irrelevant because a Tesla will not move if the charging connector is attached. My experience is that grid...
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    Upgraded my electric ride - 2017 BMW i3

    One of the difficulties in building an EV is to create a motor controller which does not “skirp” tires every time off the line. Early homebrew EVs using industrial controllers had this problem. Smooth starts were hard. Is not that hard to do today. My Model S pulls noticeably harder when it...
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    Tesla gas can...

    A Tesla Model S draws about 20 kW at 70 MPH.