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    how much oil do you keep on hand?

    3 x 5qt Valvoline Advanced 5/30 I bought about 8 jugs back when the writing was on the wall regarding prices of everything back in late 2020. I still wish it was $21.xx I generally like to keep about 4 oil changes worth on hand. I sometimes decide to change oil out of last minute convenience...
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    New truck!

    Very nice truck and exactly as I would have optioned it. Great choice on the color too. Enjoy!
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    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Mazda 6, 8,000 mile OCI Out: Valvoline Syn 5w-30, Fram Tough Guard In: Valvoline Syn 5w-30, Fram Tough Guard 2018 Buick Encore, 5,000 mile OCI Out: Valvoline Syn 5w-30, STP oil filter In: Valvoline Syn 5w-30, AC Delco oil filter
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    2011 Mazda6, 2.5L I4, Valvoline Advanced 5W30, 7,998mi

    Hey all, Latest UOA from my 2011 Mazda6. This is my 3rd run of this oil. I mainly ran this UOA to check on the health of the engine and to see if there were any problems. I am driving a lot for work now - some weeks I do 1,000 miles and some days I drive up to 500 miles. I will need to look...
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    2023 Ford Maverick retail orders closing today.

    It’s almost like affordable vehicles with decent mpg are all the rage now. Too bad the Focus and Fusion are gone. Soon enough most of us will be driving our old clunkers around like the car of Theseus. Most of the orders are probably speculators wanting to flip it to Carmax…just like the...
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    Mortgage demand rises for the first time in six weeks, despite sharply higher interest rates

    Perhaps people who need mortgages panicked and tried to lock in rates before interest rates go up further after the last CPI numbers came out. I agree with your last statement GON. Only it doesn’t stop at houses. It extends to everything. Americans are addicted to debt. So, prices will go up...
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    STP 6 gallon box

    My local Autozone sells 6 gallon boxes of STP 5w30 Conventional for $79.99, or the synthetic for $119.99. Research says Amalie makes this oil. The synthetic is Dexos rated. I use my vehicle for work and I slam miles on my car (I.e I can put 1,000 miles/week on my car). So oil changes can...
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    What do you think of this dealer recommendations at her mileage?

    Are the services expensive to a DIYer?. Sure. But this is a BMW dealership. What else would be expected? I’m sure to many BMW owners it’s chump change and comes with the territory of owning a luxury car. It is a business after all. Paying for any service is almost always more expensive than...
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    Prices just keep going up,up,up!

    Here in the real world, most things seem to have gone up 30-40%. Some things seemed to have downright doubled in price - especially food items. The “official” inflation number on used cars was something like 6%. Yeah….6% times 5!
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    Old electrical panel

    If I bought a house with something other than Square D, Cutler-Hammer (Eaton) or GE breakers I’d replace them. Everything else is “suspect” in my opinion. I believe you have multi-wire branch circuits. The handles are tied together because current flows back through the neutral wire so the...
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    cars with high mileage

    My 2011 Mazda 6 has 176k. Other than routine maintenance it’s needed a front Bank 1 O2 sensor, mass airflow sensor, valve cover gasket, instrument cluster, left and right CV axle, a front subframe (under recall) and a rear subframe (replaced with junkyard part). The manual transmission gets...
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    Who's your favorite YT gearhead personality???

    South Main Auto, Eric The Car Guy
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    Patio cover structural concerns

    Many home inspectors are a joke. When my wife had her townhome inspected before I met her, the home inspector stuck his head in the attic for 3 seconds, never opened the electrical panel and didnt realize all the windows were missing screens. You’re better off hiring a carpenter, plumber, HVAC...
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    The continuation of being dumped on in Restaurants needs to end.

    I’m on the road staying in a hotel off the interstate a few times a month for work. In fact, right now Im in somewhere Virginia. I usually go on the hunt for dinner in the evening after check-in. Tonight it was a Jersey Mike’s sub for dinner as one was close by. I don’t bother trying to eat...
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    Best oil for my 1.4T Trax?

    No. I wrote GM corporate and they sent me a letter telling me they gave me a 120k mile transferable engine warranty covering all oil lubricated engine part failures.