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    Couldn't take it anymore

    As others I've had the same experience, it depends much more on the specific model than the manufacturer as a whole. Goodyear Adventure AT w/ Kevlar have been great, Goodyear SR-A were slippery in any type of wet condition. Bridgestone Alenza Plus were great, Bridgestone Turanza EL400 were the...
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    Oil & Common Sense for Small Engines

    My truck takes synthetic 5w-30 so I use that in my OPE just to keep it simple.
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    2021 Ranger Tremor Off-Road Package

    It was fixed with a software update a few years ago.
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    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    I would go with the Ranger or the 4Runner. I’ve driven both and like them. My Sierra had the 8 speed and I won’t make that mistake again. I also had a 2016 Tacoma and that power train is not a fun experience either. I have no experience with Jeeps, but I think something about the proportions of...
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    Concrete pad for oil changes.

    I have a Drymate oil spill mat. Seems cheaper and easier than pouring concrete.
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    Plastic oil drain plug on newer Fords

    I lucked out that they switched back to metal for my 2019 so that I could install a Fumoto valve.
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    2019 F150 5.0 - Another Truck Rental Review

    I enjoy the 10-speed EcoBoost combo. My 3.5L will go up pretty much any mountain pass in VA in 9th or 10th gear and under 2,000 rpm. I've never had it out west, but I bet it would do pretty well in the Rockies with the turbos.
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    This is what is so frustrating about the 8 speed problems, GM doesn't have a sure fire fix. My dealer said they would try the fluid change and see if it worked (it didn't). They then offered to put in a whole new transmission, but they were currently doing 7 of them already so it would be a long...
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    I had an 8L90 in my 2017 GMC Sierra. It slammed into second gear when cold and would give the rumble strip effect randomly at around 50-55 mph. I received the new fluid and multiple TCM resets and it didn't fix the issue. I tried for months to get GM to fix it and they finally gave up and told...
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    Coffee - Your Current Brew

    Same for me. I tend to just buy the big tub of Dunkin Donuts at Costco.
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    0w16 for new hybrid

    Pennzoil Platinum and Valvoline Advanced 0w-16 are also pretty easy to find.
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    Generac 16kw and Toro 22.5 hp Zero Turn

    I use Kirkland 5w-30 in my small engines. It’s hard to beat 10 quarts for under $30 delivered to my house. Before that, I used to buy Pennzoil Platinum. You can usually find a 5 quart jug if it for just under $20.
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    2022 Kia Carnival

    I get that Carnival is a little goofy, but how is Sedona any different than Telluride?
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    GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 2.7 GTDI Inline 4?

    Agreed, if you read carefully they're just going to be using an updated version of the 5.3L V8. I couldn't imagine GM dropping the 5.3L, it has to be the highest selling engine in GM full sized trucks and SUVs.
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    Propane grill, repair or replace?

    I bought a cheap rebuild kit off Amazon for our Char-Broil grill. It included new burners, carryover tubes, and heat shields. It’s been about a year and so far so good. It only cost $35 so I already feel like we got our moneys worth.