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    New Liquimoly DI Jectron$PDF$ PEA?
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    Castrol Edge 0W-40, BMW N52

    I looked after I posted above (I did say "I believe...") and you are correct. Thx.
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    Castrol Edge 0W-40, BMW N52

    There is a VOA recently posted on here that shows Mg at 20 ppm. However, there is a comparison of VOA's from 2014 and 2020 on the Edge 0W-30 showing mg of 599 & 17 ppm, respectively. The 2014 oil had LL01 approval. My oil was from a purchase in maybe 2016 and it was LL01 approved. It appears...
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    Castrol Edge 0W-40, BMW N52

    Approx 1,700 miles on the oil. Virgin KV100 spec for this oil is 13.1. Last o/c a year ago the KV100 was a little concerning at 11.43. This one is a a surprise how little the KV100 degraded. Same oil, about the same mileage. I tried to not short trip as much, often taking the long way home...
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    Benefits of a mid saps oil in a standard gas engine?

    I thought - probably got it wrong - that the reason Castrol Edge 0W-40 lost LL01 was oxidation test that BMW has for the N20 engines.
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    0w-40 or 5w-40 for BMW N52?

    OK. That makes sense. Many thanks!!
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    0w-40 or 5w-40 for BMW N52?

    Thanks for that. I've seen that or a similar write up before. My question is why does the full saps specification go to the area that has the higher sulfur specification (or call it higher sulfur tolerance given the nature of the US rule on sulfur). It would seem the opposite - that in the US...
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    0w-40 or 5w-40 for BMW N52?

    It (higher sulfur) could happen in the blending. And no, I have looked and not found the answer to the why lower sulfur in the gasoline means lower SAPS recommended motor oil. :rolleyes:
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    0w-40 or 5w-40 for BMW N52?

    It is possible, though not likely, to get as gasoline with as much as 95ppm Sulfur in the US. How detrimental to anything would it be if running LL04 and getting a tankful of high S gaso? And something I've always wondered about - why is higher/full SAPS the right choice for higher sulfur in...
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    2010 STi (E85) - Castrol Edge 0w40 (Euro) - 3,000kms w/shearing

    I had almost as much loss of viscosity with much less miles in my BMW N52 engine (NA, I6) The car sees mostly short trips so I know that is part of the cause. Maybe it's because there are lot of VII's in this oil? Not worried enough not to use what I have remaining for my next oil change.
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    Mobil1 0w-40 FS, 18576km in SAAB B258/Opel C25XE

    Well the 'best' date format is what Japan uses - YY/MM/DD. Makes storing files much easier ;) Back to subject - How is the 100C vis so high? My US spec sheet shows 12.9 while the analysis shows 13.78. Maybe the European oil is different than the US one.
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    Japanese Auto Styling

    BMW has been beaten with the ugly stick also.
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    2006 Z4 3.0si N52 Oil Recommendation

    If your driving style is normally cruising and relatively easy going, I tend to think a lighter oil is a negative. These engines run very hot and run the hottest when not being pushed hard. (by lighter I meant lower HTHS)
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    Searching for a classic/vintage bike. Help me pick one

    I have vintage Brit bikes but always thinking about a Honda CB750 early mid 70's 4 cylinder. The sound alone is worth having one in the garage.
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    "How Much Sulphur is in Fuel?" -Petro Industry News

    This is an excerpt from an EPA announcement on Tier 3 rules. (I think this is by refiner and not individual plant) It may have been changed since, but, I can't find anything showing that's the case. Given that a 10ppm average must be met, it's very unlikely you'll get a batch with 95ppm...