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    I could use some advice about a 12VDC to 120 VAC inverter project:

    You'll do more than fine with a normal 16 ga extension cord and your 3 amp (max) draw. It'll probably be harder keeping people from borrowing the cord for "other" uses, and you don't want to overcomplicate things by demanding they only use this particular cord. I get that the inverter is a...
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    I could use some advice about a 12VDC to 120 VAC inverter project:

    I'd look into using an uninterruptible power supply to start with, to give them time to crank up plan B into action. It may help to know what kind of power supply is in the o2 generator, as switching power supplies are actually quite tolerant of dirty power. Put the thing on a kill-a-watt...
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    Valvoline Maxlife 5w30 -12 qt Garage Box - $3.33 a quart - WM

    You can also get Havoline HM 6qt bag-boxes for $15.47 or $2.58/qt.
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    GM W Body question

    I had a year 2000 Century 3.1. Paid $300, LOL. It replaced a 1997 Olds Silhouette 3.4 as my "kids hauler." Silhouette ran great, got 26-27 MPG highway with AC on. So did the Century, and I gave up all that room. Maybe something wasn't quite right with that car. But it was disappointing...
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    Carvana paid top dollar

    Noticing this as well, many more cars parked on the side of the road with "For sale" signs. Trucks, too.
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    Never owned any BITCOIN or the like- but BTC in the high 18k this morning

    US treasury I-bonds are paying 9.62% right now. Great place to park your cash.
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    Rope gets car out of a jam

    Guy's lucky there are guardrails nearby to rig off of. But he'd be luckier if there were just guardrails keeping him on the road in the first place.
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    Price of gasoline and diesel across the pond

    18 wheelers tear up the roads multiplied by the 4th power of their axle weights. It's substantially more than smaller vehicles do. I'm somewhat ok with subsidizing this... infrastructure makes a good country better and allows businesses and trade to flourish. But if a trucker starts arguing...
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    Plastic Gas Can: Seal or Vent?

    You should always seal every gas can. If it bulges, that's great! Positive pressure will keep bad stuff like moisture out. There's nothing unsafe about a bulging gas can, they're engineered to take it. Just don't go to extremes like in a 120' building in front of a window, or in the...
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    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    Does your state require OE cats to pass inspection? I know Maine does. You will need, obviously, a receipt for the new cat, and at a minimum the EPA certifications that it works for your car. There may be a third choice, arrange with the insurance company for a "release of liability" or...
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    TPMS Anomaly?

    Toyota sensors (for one) have a low battery flag but it doesn't trip any lights visible to the driver. It's a nice informational flag for mechanics doing their checkups/ upsells, particularly at new tire time.
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    Repaint or replace faded wiper arm?

    I've sanded and repainted many wiper arms. It really helps make an old car look newer. Take them off the car, it's easy!
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    VA loan current mortgage rates and conventional rates as of 27 JUN 2022 Navy Federal

    I-bonds are paying 9.62%. They're a no brainer, but there's a $10k/year limit per account unless you do shenanigans like direct your tax refund towards them.
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    2007 Chrysler Pacifica stuck in Park - Thank Goodness for Youtube

    I love this stuff... like when they discovered you could fix a saturn SL2 stick shift shifter with a windshield wiper grommet.
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    BJs, Mobil FS $22.99/6qts -- Mobil1 $29.99/6qts all viscosities

    They also have 6-packs of syn blend for $16.99 or $2.83/qt.