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    WHEEL TORQUE : Importance of proper pressure

    yeah you can stress out the stud and it'll snap at an inopportune time. You can also stretch the stud, then the threads on your lug nut won't match and you'll get insane running torque. If they fetch up halfway through undoing, that, too, can snap the stud.
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    Any battery sales / rebates? H9 (group 95R) size AGM

    Specifics? Advance seems to have stopped accepting 25% codes for batteries now.
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    GM Ecotec 1.4L - Wrong Oil Filter Installed by Dealer - Engine Damage

    Dodge Neons used to take either the 3/4" PF16 (nearly 19mm) or a 20mm filter that would kinda sorta thread onto the 3/4 stud then blow off later, depending on the engine. When OP gets the paperwork, it may have the correct part number, but the tech or service writer could have grabbed the wrong...
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    2021 Escalade at the dealer had black steel wheels that looked like they needed wheel covers?

    It's nuts that they have you moving the sensors over. What a waste of everyone's time. I know they're a two-piece and there'll be a new stem and seal, but, still, it's dumb. GM has a splendid and quick relearn sequence, send the buyer with some new sensors for crying out loud. There's a...
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    Replace jack wheels with nylon / polyurethane?

    Plywood would deform to your driveway better. Metal would "polish" the high spots on the rocks and might not sit evenly, which could be unsafe. 3/8" plywood would be fine, but, realistically, use any scraps you can come up with.
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    Coolant overflow tank question

    They could have done a coolant service, and overfilled the tank to make up for the air bubbles they expected would work themselves out later. A call to them would be an excellent barometer of how they treat their customers-- if they get defensive or act like they appreciate their buyers.
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    Honda EU2000i

    Does this have the compression release for easier starting? Does it have a low oil sensor that cuts off spark?
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    Will BMW ever bring back European delivery?

    BMW has one of the largest, if not the largest, brand equities in the world. That is to say, the premium one pays for a BMW over a comparable generic car, times units sold. Bigger than Apple, Mercedes, etc. Even if 1/100 of 1/% of their US buyers take European delivery, it's a good "halo"...
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    Brands You Miss

    Those got 86'd. :LOL:
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    Golf cart battery rejuvenating

    That doesn't sound like it work. I encourage a full face shield.
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    Brake locked up, unlocked, now none are not working?

    If this is a project car and you have the time, you can get the dealer "techstream" software from ebay, with appropriate USB-OBD cable, for $15. Need an old 32-bit laptop (win xp to win 7) for it to work. This'll let you do ABS stuff and much more. I would crack that LR bleeder and just STOMP...
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    What are your thoughts on 'Truecar' price quotes?

    Got my wife's Prius with a truecar referral. Used the only dealer that shot me a price, instead of saying, hey come on down and we'll talk. "Felt" like it was a good price, $4100 off MSRP with $750 worth of floormats and junk thrown in for free but that's what they always want you to feel...
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    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Could the radio not working be a theft lock? I expect it would read "LOC" on the display if that were the case. This may have been triggered by a battery change somewhere over the car's history.