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    08 Ranger - Pick my next differential fluid

    Time to go on a junkyard crawl for an 8.8 track loc.
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    I've never met a GoodYear tire I liked. I mean you got to have gator backs on a SSP 5.0, but beyond that, nope...
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    Shop installed wrong filter on 1998 Mustang GT

    I am pretty sure this is the application that the bypass was changed for GM?
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    3.0 Ford Vulcan B3000 2wd Potassium/Silicon

    Crawl up under it and look for signs of external leakage at the timing cover to block union. Everyone that I have seen leaking exhibited at least traces on the exterior surfaces... even if it was just a whitish trail. Note the repair time guides will tell you the oil pan has to come off (the...
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    Shop installed wrong filter on 1998 Mustang GT

    That filter actually has more than 1 number (look for pictures on e-bay) Yes crosses to PF48 (which is the wrong filter for a Mustang) and Fram PH10060 (also wrong filter). Probably a case of filter consolidation at the quick lube, but I'd stick the right filter on it.
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    Motorcycle oil filters
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    What size?
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    How to remove this broken exhaust bolt?

    Honda? That is a pretty special bolt. Unfortunately I think you are going to have to grind or drill it no mater what. Gotta get something out of the way.
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    Did Mobil 1 change their filter design?

    Yup, and not for the better IMO...
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    Really? What are your thoughts?

    ah crud double tap.
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    Really? What are your thoughts?

    He says it is NOT a 5.4 and I am 99.9% certain you could not get a 5.4 in 2011.