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    Restored an old Atari 2600

    Frogger - nice:). Broke a joystick on Starship commader or some such. Was at a buddy and he would not have me back for months. Good times. Make sure to get in some sessions. Good soldering as well :)
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    Time to get a new battery?

    Going off this article(table with charge voltages/health is mid page)
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    Time to get a new battery?

    12.09v less than an hour after the car is shut down is surface battery voltage. If its more than 2 hours after car is turned off its the batteries real voltage, indicating roughly 50-60% charge. There are tables showing you the voltage related to battery charge (health). How low can you go...
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    Ouch, just noticed your signature. Commiserations. How is your Mini Cooper doing if you dont mind me asking. I forgot how the story went and who dropped the ball. Anyway just remembered the 2.2l DW bi-turbo also had issues, so yep research is always in order and no sweeping statements(note to self).
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    Those were one of the poor ones (dont know if it was more a BMW or Peugeot problem) as well as well as the 1st gen 1.6HDi DW series(developed with Ford I think). Haven't done much research but as far as TU(old), XU and EW series gas engines, well they last 400-500k so good enough. Peugeot...
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    Peugeots are liked because - they look nice, are not expensive to buy and maintain (unless you break your turbo or fancy clutch), drive and handle ok. Parts are not expensive and shared around brands and models. A friend has a 2000 406 he gave up on at 600 000km. It just has too much rust...
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    how low on oil can a standard car get before there is a mechanical problem

    My car has an oil monitoring system. It would not give you a warning until you are about a quart low. Many people were unhappy with that, thinking this is pushing it. So yeah, try and stay within the high/low marks and 1 quart low is not great. Oil lubricates and cools your engine(and turbo if...
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    Vibration when turning the wheel when slow or stopped

    Had the same issue on my Euro car. Same shaking, only at parking speeds. Belt driven power steering. Changing the air filter I noticed something like mud in the airbox. Have no clue how it got there. Just cleaned it and the pipes leading to it. Was not sure but decided some could have gone...
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    Yes yes more Upper Cylinder Lubricant questions

    This additive, has some tall-oil, which is used in lacquers and coatings to form a protective film. It is formulated for DI engines(no mention of marine use), as per the manufacturer and should protect against...
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    5W/40 home blend

    Viscosity calculator If you were in Europe, I would say try some Mannol esters for ten bucks. Esters should condition seals and act to free up stuck piston rings. Not sure what the options are in the US - other than some Redline, Amsoil...
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    Motor Oils in Spain - Pics

    Elf and Total merged some time ago. Some of their oils differ only by the bottle they're in.
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    3PMSF Tire Michelin Crossclimate or Goodyear Weatherready?

    Michelin said when launching the CC - a summer tire that works in winter. Its a summer focused all season for moderate regions / short winters. Where it struggles is icy/slushy conditions. As a heavily sipped tire the Goodyear would be more of a winter focused tire.
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    Best MB 229.51.

    You are right, they changed the base oil for 2021 to obviously just Group 3. Hopefully they left the add pack alone, no way to know for sure, short of a VOA. Russian oil club stopped updating on this oil. The value from spending time here(for me) is getting info on a better performing/cheaper...
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    Oil Change By Hours?

    Sounds like a plan. Wear numbers are low and the oil looks to be in a good state and capable of more miles.