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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    Time to take it elsewhere.
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    Jeep Gladiator 3.6 Oil consumption

    All engines use oil. Yours uses very little. I would not be worried, especially with the amount of oil you used over a 9,500 mile run.
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    F150 honest review

    For years, decades in fact I owned a Ford, and still do. I should never say never, but odds are I will never own another Ford.
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    Clutch safety switch purpose?

    It's one nanny feature I never gave much thought to. I park in first, when I get in to drive I depress the clutch, I shift to neutral, and start the engine. If it's a cold start I let off the clutch and idle until the rpms get to 1,000, then it's clutch in and into first or reverse and go.
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    Clutch job interesting find..

    You pretty much backed up my point. The transmission had no business in a light duty PU or van. I was lucky with mine, having the top cover off [which made getting the transmission out and back in again a lot easier], I had a look inside, everything looked great, including the amount of metal...
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    Clutch job interesting find..

    For starters that transmission doesn't belong in a light truck. It has an internal slave cylinder, and the bell housing is part of the transmission making for a more difficult job replacing a clutch, or a slave cylinder, which is a weak link in the system to begin with. A ZF transmission would...
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    Something to think about with EVs...Total and Hidden Expenses

    Exactly! And a big no thanks for me.
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    Hot Shots FR3 VOA

    That is exactly what I was thinking.
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    Washing Cars in Hot Weather

    During the summer I wash the car as soon as there's some daylight. Which is at about 0500. Then I back it into the garage to dry it, and wax it if need be. I should be living in Florida within the next 6 months if things go well, so I better learn the tips and tricks for living in a hot climate.
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    Clutch job interesting find..

    It took a little while, but tapping on the clutch master cylinder helped a lot. It sent any remaining air up into the reservoir and out.
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    88 E-150 4.9L M5OD transmission 80 K miles on fluid, changed as part of a clutch job. Out: Mobil 1 ATF. In: Delvac1 ATF.
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    Clutch job interesting find..

    After some weather delays, appointments and waiting on a part it's done. I forgot to post this picture of the transmission drain plug. Not bad for a stick with 80K miles on the fluid. Bleeding it was a bit of a PITA. What worked was jacking the van to the point that the clutch master cylinder...
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    Went to Mavis for tires!

    I'll never do business with them again, I said that several years ago, and three tire purchases later I stuck to my word. I took my 88 E-150 in for tires and an alignment, the shop was busy. I could see one customer after another getting called into the shop being alerted of "problems." That's...
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    Clutch job interesting find..

    If I were 30 years younger and had the patience to hunt one down I might have considered it. Keep in mind this is an E-150 and I'm sure there would be quite a few mods, especially to the floor to get it to bolt in properly. There were very few of them made, F-150 OTOH would be a lot easier. I...