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    2021 1.5t Accord Sport review (2000 mile rental)

    Instead of that, introduce them to BITOG and have them tell their tales of woe. It would be enlightening and shine light on the dark side of Honda. And just to be clear: It’s sunshine, rainbows AND unicorns.
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    2021 1.5t Accord Sport review (2000 mile rental)

    Yes, the 2017/18 versions had some issues that were addressed. And the Chinese government, which is surely not an Honda or Japan fanboy, allowed sales to resume. Recognizing that all TGDI engines have pluses and minuses, the 1.5T may have its share. But there are a couple million of these on...
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    2021 1.5t Accord Sport review (2000 mile rental)

    In what capacity? So Honda is perfectly willing to destroy its reputation that has been hard earned over decades by continuing to put out a product doomed to premature failure? World-wide? No tweaking of something as simple as oil-life monitor algorithms to help? Seems unlikely. And if this...
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    2021 1.5t Accord Sport review (2000 mile rental)

    We keep saying the 1.5T is “problematic” and prone to fuel dilution. Yet Honda keeps turning these things out by the hundreds of thousands in the US alone and it’s hard to find any pattern that suggests premature failures occur. Over on one of the CRV forums a poster just turned 300k on his 2017...
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    Moly vs no Moly - Engine break in?

    Honda used to be pretty insistent that the factory fill, which incorporated lots of molybdenum from assembly lubes, be kept in the engine for the full initial OCI. As I understand it, the logic was the molybdenum kept high temperature spots from forming on cylinder walls during break in. These...
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    Amoco Gas Stations

    We can agree gasoline is essentially a fungible commodity. But additive packages are unique to each brand, making, for example, BP gasoline somewhat different than Mobil. But, to the extent allowed by local regulations, each should be pretty consistent country-wide.
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    Amoco Gas Stations

    BP markets its fuel under the BP and Amoco brands. Same product, just marketing. I gather BP’s market presence results in lots of BP stations in some areas so using the Amoco brand provides some differentiation. Same as Mobil and Exxon.
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    What Factors Are Swaying EV Adoption in the U.S.?

    Driving I-80 across Iowa and Nebraska Teslas are not uncommon. But they are typically in the right lane going 10-15 mph slower than other sedan traffic. Things will surely improve but right now for long distance travel this is hardly my idea of a luxury performance car.
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    Bunch of BMW owners gathering together

    Every time you think your job is pointless just remember: somewhere someone is installing turn signals on BMWs.
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    Refrigerator shopping

    Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux, a Swedish company.
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    Relevance of changing the oil filter every OCI

    OP, using a quality filter for two intervals shouldn’t be a problem at all, especially given the car’s history. But what would make this an even easier decision is using an oil extractor to remove the sump oil through the dipstick tube. My understanding is this is MB’s current service procedure...
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    18 CRV 1.5l, 4885 mi, Honda 0W20

    Or asked for proof (i.e. receipts) of oil changes, which would indicate what oil brand and viscosity was purchased.
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    Noticed something about headlamps on old TV shows; can anyone explain?

    Like many film segments with actors driving - in “Park”.
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    Honda 1.5T fuel dilution and OCI's

    Considering the original article says the compression ratio is “3”, the bore is “0” and the oil capacity is 5L, I kinda wonder how much it should be trusted.
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    YouTubeTV and loss of ESPN (Disney) channels

    YouTubeTV has reduced prices by $15/month because of the Disney situation. I’m happy with that.