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    Dang, take a air hose to that poor deck/tractor.
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    Viscosity and hours between oil changes in small air cooled engines.

    Just stick with a full synthetic in your manufactures recommended visc and that thing will out live you.
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    Fram Ultra ripping us off?

    FRAM says it filters the same or better but i would still rather have the old media set up, personally I don't think it does. Just a way to cheapen out and get the same money!!
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    Baldwin B7443 cut & post

    There a good constructed filter the filtering specs are very subpar.
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    Oil for Massey Ferguson GC1725MB Tractor

    Iseki calls for a 5w30 or 10w30 And there's no known cross ref for the oem engine and Hyd. on the 1723 and 1725, there is for the older models but not the new 23/25 series. The Iseki OEM engine oil filter is made by Denso there a quality filter.
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    Oil for Massey Ferguson GC1725MB Tractor

    Any synthetic engine oil will be fine Amsoil 10w30 is a great choice. Hyd/trans/front end id stick with the 10w30 821XL, these tractors have no oil cooler so the oil gets hot and actually the 821 IS a quality fluid(reformulated semi syn.)
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    How long do you warm up your 2 strokes?

    You need to be careful at least in a snowmobile application, running it hard from ice cold you can get cold seizing, the piston expands faster then the boar. I always give 2 smokes a few minutes before WOT
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    Does putting automatic car in neutral for long idling periods relieve any engine/transmission stress?

    ^^^ 100% THIS!!! been doing the N thing for 20+ years, leaving it in D just creates heat(you can see temps rising) and uses more fuel.
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    Who makes the best GM 3.1 Intake manifold gasket?

    I've done many and always used the Fel-Pro metal framed 'Problem Solver' Never had a return.
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    The New Fram Ultra......

    Ok cool, I agree not real bad but I was thinking a lil better from them
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    The New Fram Ultra......

    Hate to say it but the last filter I asked about that had the wire backed stratapore media the filtration efficiency wasn't anything to wright home about. : (
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    The New Fram Ultra......

    A blow out/tear is a problem, yes,no? and the old media looks like it would hold more dirt.
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    The New Fram Ultra......

    OMgosh what a joke it looks like its just a thin layer of synthetic media over top standard cellulose pleats, sheeesh.. FRAM you had a good filter : (
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    Any issue using old API SL oil as top-off oil?

    The oil is fine for use yes, I use SL from my stash in complete OC
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    Fram Ultra 7317 Cut @ 16k

    I've yet to see ANY wire backing synthetic filter tear