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    What would keep a new head gasket from sealing?

    I've seen poor quality head gaskets fail quickly. However, that's generally on high performance applications.
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    Easiest, most forgiving body filler to work with?

    Regardless of which "lightweight" filler you choose, the tools and methods that you use matter most. It's impossible to deal with "bondo" if one uses poor methods. However, if one spreads it smoothly with wide tools, contours it to the proper general shape with fast cutting tools (think rough...
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    Can propeller planes be push started?

    This guy did not go fast enough to windmill the prop. However, I believe he did that intentionally. It takes some effort to stop a prop in flight, generally pulling into a stall. Then careful management of airspeed to keep it from windmilling again. My airplane, a Cessna 177RG has a best glide...
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    No Rental Cars

    Yeah, I don't care for them either. They are especially bothersome to me on very long trips. I just can't get comfortable in them.
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    Mach E problems...

    I want an EV, so badly. But I just can't deal with 220 mile highway range. That problem is not going to change anytime soon. Furthermore, I keep my vehicles a long time. I absolutely don't want a $60,000 car with ever decreasing range capability.
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    A-10 Warthog-AKA-Thunderbolt II-Tank Buster

    I have always liked the general configuration and layout of the A10. From a civilian point of view, the design criteria of a narrow tandem fuselage, a robust straight wing, and a non "T" tail would lend themselves to neat personal transport. Not something tiny like an RV8, but something...
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    Mach E problems...

    I'm absolutely convinced Tesla has the best batteries. When purchasing an EV, I truly believe the battery quality should be chief among the criteria. The only thing that could mitigate a battery quality issue is an epic warranty. Which we are not seeing in many cases. Ford offers a battery...
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    No Rental Cars

    It's good to note that one of the arguments for EV ownership has been rental cars. That is, rent something if your EV is not up to the task. Such as towing a travel trailer or carrying your family on a long highway trip. It has been my point all along that rental companies have traditionally...
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    5.4 3V timing job

    Wow, my 2009 5.4L is pushing 160K miles. I recently snaked a borescope inside and it looks like new. I use M1, 10W-30. No chain or phaser issues. While I prob don't idle it as much as you, I do idle it quite a bit. I'm very surprised at the Royal Purple results. Something seems off.
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    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    I've got to admit that the Colorado ZR2 Diesel is an EPIC CHOICE. That is one superb truck. A friend has one and I've come to absolutely love it. This coming from me, a guy who has 3ea. F150's, 2 of which are high end 4x4's. Just don't expect it to be luxurious. It's not a luxury truck, although...
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    Lexus Electrified

    I really do think people believe there is some form of secret reserve power. In much the same way as many gas cars will say "empty" and still go for 50+ miles. Maybe Tesla should give the owners who run their batteries out an "overnight update" that builds in that secret reserve :) by sandbagging.
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    Lexus Electrified

    I kind of like it. It's too bad most concept vehicles get watered down to mediocrity. But it matters not, it will be on the side of the road, with a dead battery, just like the others. God I'm seeing a lot of EV's dead on I-95 lately. It used to be, in the 1980's that a broken down motorist...
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    Too Slow !!??

    Yeah, I'm old, and so is my wife, but "too slow" is not something we have issues with. I like to go...... and mama is even faster! I don't have much time left to waste!
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    Extremely rusty engine bay on 2 year old truck

    Absolutely. Although it's thin when applied, it's not super-watery thin, so don't expect it to "flow" deeply into every welded seam as well as the thinner products will. I use a heat-lamp array when applying it, so it seeps in. The heat helps a lot.
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    Extremely rusty engine bay on 2 year old truck

    When it's new, yes, it has a oily odor. When it's dry, not really much of an odor.