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    math question - probability

    Similarly, since the probability of no rain each day is 1-0.2=0.8, then the probability of no rain either day is 0.8×0.8=0.64. The probability of rain only on the second day is 0.8×0.2=0.16. Same for only the first. Thus, the chance for both days, plus the chance for neither, plus only the...
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    Old Toyota

    That "stove-bolt" Chevy engine was already an old design by '53, although it had received a few updates. My parents had 3 of them, in '54, '55, and '61 models. The '54 car had a 3.7 rear ratio. "Gross" power rating was 115 in '54, and 135 by their last few years. Wasn't the Toyota I6 based...
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    200,000 miles is in fact rare, only 1% of vehicles reach it

    We're to believe cars can't even manage 200k, when I've put >234k miles on a bicycle? Yes, that took a lot of years.
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    What maintenance did you do this weekend?

    1. By on-road necessity, replaced punctured tube in bicycle tire. 2. Repacked new tube to carry as new spare. 3. Checked rear toe-in on Prius, using aluminum bar and pencil. 4. Mated unused OE-type Toyota wiper refill (which has obsolete cross-section dimensions, apparently) with old no-name...
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    Motor Oil Articles Revisited, Chapter 2

    To be more accurate, that would be the "principle."
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    Motor Oil Articles Revisited, Chapter 1

    That graph and its title are not clear whether it's about actual flow to each component, or optimum flow. Inability of a typical relief valve to maintain its exact nominal setting isn't the only reason flow rate varies with speed.
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    Motor Oil Articles Revisited, Chapter 1

    A journal bearing doesn't act as a fixed orifice as speed varies.
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    Ford and Castrol co-engineer new advanced lubricants -F&L Daily

    That "up to" phrase is a time-honored advertising deception. It literally means any reduction in wear will be less than 50%---and could just as well be 0% without the claim being demonstrably false.
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    why are led bulbs so expensive

    Why not? 120-volt incandescent bulbs not specifically designed for rough service are especially vulnerable to even moderate shocks, especially while on. Low (e.g., 6- or 12-) volt ones are less susceptible because their filaments are thicker, assuming equal wattage. Relatedly, accident...
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    Why we should love HTHS specs:

    ... when you happen to be running a long-ago engine at a sump temperature of 130°C.
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    How to Get the Most Fuel Economy

    Not necessarily. In my carbureted Mazda, a solenoid valve shut off the idle circuit whenever the car was coasting in gear with the accelerator released and engine speed above idle. That's with 1980 technology. When coasting at lowish speeds, the Prius effectively gives a choice between...
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    200,000 miles is in fact rare, only 1% of vehicles reach it

    That thread title is misleading, as several others have pointed out. The percentage with potential to exceed 200k, if they don't succumb to abuse, wreck, rust, etc., is much higher than 1%. So is the percentage of vehicles with which I've been acquainted, at least post-1980 models. My (then...
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    Attached photos intermittently load 1/8 - 1/4.

    Yes! Sometimes they load almost completely, then vanish. Chrome.
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    Harvest King now Providence

    Design and color of that quart bottle looks exactly the same as the ones I bought at Rural King in 2015, when the brand on the label was "RK," and the back label said "Packaged by Warren Oil Company, Inc."
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    Liqui Moly says 5W30 flows 6x faster than 15W40 at freezing

    That's a plausible difference when flow is powered by gravity. They obviously won't take 8 and 48 seconds to get through oil passages if pushed by a positive displacement pump.