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    Delayed credit from Home Depot return?

    both showed up today on the correct cards. as a side note - from a usability perspective, the home depot app and website are an absolute dumpster fire. part of my confusion is that the app shows a different return amount ($30 less) than my receipt - which made me think the return was hosed...
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    Delayed credit from Home Depot return?

    Hey folks: I returned a couple items to Home Depot on the 23rd. The returns were two separate purchases - so on 2 different credit cards. I was expecting confusion - but everything went smooth, and the receipt shows both refunds going back to the correct cards. I'm still not seeing credits...
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    Weird windows behavior issues with the check disk or sfc. the monitor is connected via DVI, not usb. I probably used the wrong term when I said sleep - it won't lock. It used to lock after a time, and require me to enter the system pin. now the screen just dims and the USB connect and disconnect...
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    Weird windows behavior

    Hey folks: I'm having a strange windows issue. Instead of going to sleep - the computer sits and "beeps" like a USB device is being connected and disconnected. The screen shuts off. For some reason, the Start menu doesn't work either. (You have to right click it). Could a bad mouse or...
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    Storage drive change - windows

    Hey folks: I posted before on this - but figured a new thread was better. I have a two drive system - one for the OS and executables (C), and another for storage (D). The storage drive was about full, so I added a new storage drive (F), and was able to clone the existing D to the new F. To...
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    What Is Elon Going To Do With The $ From His Stock Sale ?

    As said above - the plan has been in place since September - he needs the cash to pay taxes on stock options he has to exercise or lose. Guy has an amazing ability to generate press - for doing billionaire stuff.
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    It's AFM week.

    love these posts - and great to hear about guys paying it forward to the next generation. not to go off topic - are trade schools really $50-80k? I had no idea - do they leave with tools?
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    Will the USPS pick up my Blackstone package?

    supposedly the new labels (envelope) speed delivery. who knows. I'm driving so little I have not needed to submit a sample.
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    Will the USPS pick up my Blackstone package?

    I requested updated labels from Blackstone - curious to see what they send.
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    2020 Honda Pilot Oil Filter

    Thanks folks - I'll give it a shot by turning the wheel and see if I can reach - I assumed that the frame would be in the way or my arm would be too short.. I usually go at it from the front on jacks.
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    2020 Honda Pilot Oil Filter

    I'm a gentleman of slightly larger carriage. I don't think I could even get my head under an Odyssey. It's just difficult to grip - I was going to try one of those rubber things you use to loosen a jar top. Or, maybe some rubber gloves. I had to wrench it off - which surprised me.
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    2020 Honda Pilot Oil Filter

    Hey folks: Hoping someone can help. The oil filter on this is located basically right over the frame rail. I don't like wrenching a new filter on - but I can't seem to get it tight enough. (Small oil drips after hand tightening). Is there a trick here? Or are filter pliers the only...
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    Iphone contacts behavior

    Ah thanks - I wasn't thinking of other apps. I'm using Facetime, Google Duo, and Skype. If Duo has access to the contacts list, Duo appears in place of video for some contacts, (which makes sense). I wasn't thinking of Skype. (It appears to really get confused if a user has the Duo IOS app...
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    Iphone contacts behavior

    Hey folks: Curious if any iphone users can explain how the Iphone contacts are supposed to show if Facetime is available? In contacts, I'm seeing Video listed, but in some cases, Facetime listed below. Can anyone explain? I'm guessing is a Facetime user is not available, Facetime is not...
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    Bit of an Apple rant

    Ok - now I feel stupid. I was missing something in the logic. Apparently when I signed him into the ipad - it created an Icloud mail account on the device. All I had to do was go on the Ipad and read the email there. Not sure why I didn't think to check this earlier. (I assumed I had not...